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  1. Furqan Shafi

    Diamonds in a fire

    A diamond tester checks for thermal conductivity. Diamond is a very good thermal conductor. It should not return false negatives, if the tester itself is working properly.
  2. Furqan Shafi


    Why do you say you should stay away from Costco?
  3. Furqan Shafi

    0.635 ct G SI1 opinion please

    Both look fine.
  4. Furqan Shafi

    0.635 ct G SI1 opinion please

    It's an SI1, not VS2 like you mention. And the clouds don't look like trouble to me.
  5. Furqan Shafi

    Worth the price?

    Any diamond with I2 clarity grade has a potential to look hazy - with or without fluorescence. In that price range you can get a 1.00 carat G color SI1 with strong flourescence or a G color SI2 without flourescence (none fluro). Excellent cut.
  6. Furqan Shafi

    Worth the price?

    That is a considerably included diamond and it's transparency and lustre will not be very good I think. Only buy if you have seen it and you actually like it.
  7. I am not commenting on the price factor anymore. That IS a gorgeous looking diamond. Provided the report doesn't have any comments like 'Clarity grade is based on clouds not shown'. Also make sure you get.your vendor to confirm that stone is not milky. That cloud is right in the centre under the table and likely to be reflected along all of the pavilion and many other facets. Depending how deep or shallow it's on the pavilion it.could possibly make the diamond slight bit milky. However it's not evident from the pictures.
  8. Furqan Shafi

    Need advice on a strong florescent diamond.

    The negative impact is visible under lighting that contains UV and only your vendor with physical access to the diamond can confirm the negative impact for you.
  9. Furqan Shafi

    Help me on the Certificate

    Sure, if you trust this certificate. I have never heard of this but that doesn't mean it's opinion is not reliable.
  10. Furqan Shafi

    Help me on the Certificate

    How can we help?
  11. https://www.b2cjewels.com/dd/11903633/round-diamond-G-color-SI1-Clarity?sku=11903633&utm_source=diamondreview.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=diamondreview.com Here I found something interesting for you using this forum diamond finder. This is something I would buy. Don't worry about the VG symmetry and polish. That's around 16,000 plus some change for a G SI1 GIA Excellent cut stone with side inclusions and relatively cleaner table. Also a good diameter. Disclaimer: this is not a purchase advice. And I have no relation with the retailer or supplier of this diamond.
  12. Here's what I will suggest you if you are looking for a bargain: reset your search criteria and start over again. Put 2.0 - 2.05 in carat, Excellent for cut (some online sellers call ideal everything and it boils my blood), Excellent to Very good for polish, Excellent to Very good for symmetry, None to Faint for fluorescence, IF - VS2 for clarity. now sort these stones by prices, starting with cheapest first. Start eliminating the obvious buggers for example clarity based on cloud stones (for VS2 and below), large Crystal and feather inclusions on tables, extremely deep stones (>62.7), extremely small tables (<56), extremely deep pavilions (>41.2 degrees) and work your way like that and see what you come up with. Put up a few stones here for our analysis and we will tell you what's best among those.
  13. Rapaport pricing is a legitimate way of pricing goods. It used to be used for only wholesalers and Business to Business transactions but when recession hit and businesses would do about anything to win a customer started giving out trade secrets and methods and started disclosing rapaport discounts. A 25% discount on Triple Ex-None diamond for diamonds upto SI1 (below that varies ALOT with inclusions patterns, milkiness, black inclusions etc) in a retail shop is a good price. You will not see the industry emphasizing on your/internet forum criteria of cut in the same way. However tolkowsky ideal proportions will not come cheap. It's not that they cost more for the cutters to produce, only rough diamonds which can luckily attain those ideals without sacrificing too much rough are cut that way - but they bring in more profits. However you will not get those profit back on a resell.
  14. Diamonds are priced per carat. And that's a good way of comparing prices of similarly sized diamonds (not including premium sizes) Your original diamond is a 8780 dollars per carat. Your other diamond is a 8500 dollar per carat. You go one clarity down - that also Si1 to SI2, that is a significant downgrade but you go few places up in flourescence that is an upgrade. For a stone with significant table inclusions I am not sure if it's a great price. But the cut is no doubt superior. Idealscope is also A one. But I can't be sure if it's eye clean. Once again you're asking questions that revolve around internet forums to people who work in the industry. Would I buy this stone for my stock? No. Would it be easy to sell to someone whose primary preference is idealscope, HCA <2 and tolkowsky ideal proportions and charge a premium for it? Yes.