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  1. Furqan Shafi

    Inclusions below the center

    Clarity grade is not based on light return. It's based on what's visible to the diamond grader under 10x magnification. So yes it may or may not have an impact on the clarity grade but that will be independent of light return. Also GIA does not grade any diamond for light return and nor does HRD or IGI (the other 2 most popular labs globally). HRD sometimes however does leave a transparency comment but that's not the light return you're talking about.
  2. Furqan Shafi

    Can James Allen Rocks be Super Ideal?

    Which by the way they would have to be to achieve that crown angle at that girdle thickness.
  3. Furqan Shafi

    Can James Allen Rocks be Super Ideal?

    If I am really splitting hairs I would say the table sizes are a tad bit small.
  4. Furqan Shafi

    Diamond review help please

    The cut is fine. These parameters won't give you nail head effect. I wouldn't change a thing as far as the cut is concerned.
  5. Furqan Shafi

    Opinions on bowtie on Oval Diamond

  6. Furqan Shafi

    Opinions on bowtie on Oval Diamond

    There does seem to be a bowtie. If that's a good or a bad thing is open for debate. More than the bowtie itself I would ask the question if you like how the diamond looks out in the sun since I can see this diamond shows a fair bit of fluorescence?
  7. Furqan Shafi

    SI1 Wisps? Should I stay away or are they not even noticeable?

    It is indeed a busy diamond for a SI1. Difficult to tell impact on brilliance from certificate or pictures.
  8. I would suggest you use the diamond finder on this forum and set criteria between 3.00 and 3.50, FGH color, IF - VS2 clarity, None to Medium fluorescence. Sort by price low to high, and start looking at pictures and see which one you like best in your budget. And select that.
  9. Furqan Shafi

    Diamond Virgin (Engagement Ring)

    That ring is ridiculously expensive for a 0.7ct centre diamond for an I color I1 grade.
  10. Furqan Shafi


    Yep. That is bullshit. The diamond appearance might slightly differ when set and unset but that looks totally off. That is surely does not look like the diamond in the first picture. All that film and residue story is A grade rubbish.
  11. Furqan Shafi


    Please help me clear my confusion - 1. You gave the jeweller your diamond loose or set in the ring? 2. Are those pictures of 2 different rings? They look the same. While the 2nd picture has a greyish looking diamond? 3. Is that grey tint in all lighting angles? 4. Also did you finally get your own diamond the next day after cleaning? The explanation sound rubbish to me. There's no cleaning that leaves film lol. Loose unset Diamonds are cleaned easily. Dip in tetrachloride, and clean thoroughly with cleaning cloth that's it.
  12. Comparing side by side, for an average but a keen eye, anything is possible and visible. Between those diamonds I would go for 2nd one. In order of preference it would be 2nd, 3rd and then 1st.
  13. Furqan Shafi

    Bought Engagement Ring With Knot Help!(Si1)

    There are no pictures for us to reference anything. But my instinct is that you will be fine.
  14. Furqan Shafi

    Assistance required with Fluorescence

    Diamond wise it's not bad at all. It doesn't even have bad proportions for an excellent cut diamond. It has a nice spread. If you paid right price for it then there's nothing wrong. I wouldn't change a thing.
  15. Furqan Shafi

    crown and pavilion misalignment?

    Chances are this is a modified round brilliant and not just a round brilliant with poor symmetry.