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  1. naomi12

    What Is Your Favorite Gemstone? (Colored Stone)

    i would say tanzanite would be my favorite gem stone. This is considered to be more than just a gem stone
  2. naomi12

    Cake I Made For The Toddler!

    Awww. This cake looks so nice. I love making cakes and i am going to make one for baby girl this weekend
  3. naomi12

    Gemology As A Hobby?

    I think i fall on the same boat as you are. It was the Engagement ring that made me learn and studt=y about diamondss
  4. naomi12

    Is It Silly?

    yes Solomon Brothers and B2C, IIRC is your go to place.
  5. naomi12

    Advice On This Diamond Found Online...

    Your budget is on Australian dollars isn't it ? i will PM you some information about my recent purchases
  6. naomi12

    Mark Broumand

    Yeah i have come across with them. They seem to be dealing quiet well. But never bought anything from them
  7. naomi12

    Newbie Advice - Which Diamond

    Well if i were you i would go with the second one. Ideal choice and ideal for your pocket as well.
  8. naomi12

    Wow.. How Much Is This Worth????

    Seems like a nice diamond. looking forward for prices if any one could PM with discount rates