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  1. Thanks David! You have been so helpful during this entire ordeal and I very much appreciate it! Yes you are right, I should have mentioned the jeweler and some other details for others who might be interested. I used Rene Doumeng in East Islip, New York. I had planned on using small stones from another ring for my halo but when they didn't fit he allowed me to exchange them for ones that would. He chose beautiful halo diamonds and the pics on my iPhone do not do it justice. He did a CAD, had me look at it and then did a silver 3D model that we looked at placing over the existing band to see. He looked at pictures I sent him of things I liked and duplicated the pictures beautifully. It's so nice to love my ring and I feel lucky to be able to do the project. Thanks again David for your awesome advice, always helpful , kind and professional! While I've read halos go out of style, I've never been one to care about that . I like what I like sorry for the sideways pics, can't seem to straighten them out when I upload.
  2. I have gotten some wonderful feedback and advice on this forum! Thank you everyone . To summarize, about a year or so ago I lost my engagement ring, collected insurance shopped for a new one and found my ring in the lining of my pocketbook before a new purchase. After returning the 11k check to my utterly shocked insurance agent, I decided after the trauma and then excitement of a new diamond and then back to my original one, I would Treat myself to a new setting. After looking and looking I got a very pretty Gabriel and Co setting, but I never really loved loved it like I wanted to. After doing so I learned that yes you can put a round stone in a cushion halo. When looking for a new diamond, I'd always gravitate to square settings and was excited for a princess cut. When i learned this squarish look could be achieved with my round stone I started looking for a jeweler to convert my updated setting to a cushion halo as there was no way I was comfortable with spending for a brand new setting, when I just bought one. I was very nervous after getting different opinions from jewelers and decided to take a leap of faith with a local jeweler I liked. Here are the before and after pictures. And I now love love love it!! I'm sure the project could have not worked out, but I'm sure glad it did!!
  3. Also Davide, the ring you posted is beautiful and I do think that even if I don't have the budget for it now, I should wait until I do so I can get just what I want I don't know why platinum is necessary but I guess I am just used to it because my engagement ring is platinum now and I do like the feel and the fact it won't yellow . If I can recycle the band are you still suggesting I shouldn't for the reasons you stated about possibly not ending up with a halo I'm happy with?
  4. Thank you very much! All your comments have definitely made me think twice about doing this and risking that I will end up with something I am not happy with and have ruined my setting that is very lovely. I like the idea of a halo fund and waiting until I can be sure of the outcome by doing an entirely new setting. I am also salivating at the beautiful picture posted by "Georgedi" above of the cushion cut halo with the round center. Really exactly what I am looking for. Btw, George, what is the ratio of center stone to diamonds in the halo ie: 1 carat center, and .02 carat diamonds on halo? It is simply gorgeous!! I guess I would not be assured of such an end result unless I started from scratch. I really appreciate all the input from the experts!!
  5. Here is a picture from the front to illustrate the band I was referring to.
  6. I guess I miscommunicated a little. I love the band that is on this engagement ring setting which is not pictured but has beautiful diamonds. The 500-800 was for labor only, which is very reasonable, but with adding in the platinum for the new head and the charge to set the diamond, I am estimating it at about 1200. This current engagement ring setting was about 3000.00, so to start a new would be much more expensive.
  7. Hi everyone! I love this forum and the great information it provides. I saw a couple postings about adding a halo to an existing engagement ring, depending on the ring and was wondering if any of the experts out there could advise me on whether this is possible. I have grown to love the cushion cut halo look, but really cannot afford to start from scratch and I do love my band. I did consult one local jeweler who told me it was definitely possible but it seemed they would have to cut off the diamond ribbing (for lack of a better word) on the sides of the prongs where diamond is now set (which is ok). I was going to supply the diamonds from another piece of jewelry I have that I never wear. He estimated 500-800 for the labor, plus setting my diamond, as well as additional cost for the platinum needed for the head. When I calculate this up, I get to about 1200. It was a casual talk to be followed by an email with specifics (which I haven't received) so I don't really have any exact numbers. I definitely don't want to jump in until I have a real sense of exactly how the finished product will look and I thought going somewhere that had a model they would copy from would be a good idea? I apologize in advance for the quality and size of the photo but will try to post more if needed. Thanks so much for any advice that you may have!!!
  8. Yes I did find my old one before buying a new one at first I was a little disappointed because I was excited to buy a new one and upgrade a little, but after my diamond was thoroughly cleaned and reset I am very happy to have one my husband picked for me.
  9. Hi All, I posted here some months back after losing my engagement ring, going through insurance process, getting paid, searching for a new princess cut diamond, finding my ring (in lining of pocketbook having fallen off after losing 35 pounds) and finally resetting my diamond in a new setting after the ordeal! I was on verge of buying a diamond from Good Old Gold before I found my ring. They were awesome and have a beautiful store!! I can see why they are so highly rated here. Jon's son David helped me while I was looking and could not have been more kind and patient ! He never was bothered by my many many questions. They really work with in your budget and have a large and spectacular inventory of diamonds. So much fun to look through the aset machine to compare. After I found my diamond and returned the insurance money I decided to treat myself and reset my stone. Lynda helped me to try on lots of settings and was extremely patient, helpful and kind as I changed my mind between various beautiful settings until I made my final choice. I always felt very comfortable in the store. Even when I found my diamond they were happy! You cannot go wrong there! I went to a couple brick and mortar stores and there is no comparison in the quality and huge selection! I just wanted to thank everyone on the forum for all the information and great advice which enables us to be educated consumers in a intimidating market in which it is easy to be taken advantage of ! What a great resource ! I've attached same pics of my old diamond in my new ring from GOG!
  10. Thanks, that's good advice!!
  11. I know I wasn't very clear. I initially thought I would upgrade by increasing in carat size of my diamond, but after much reading on this website, I decided to upgrade the cut and color and stay in same size range. I guess my ideal would be able to get a GIA certified, excellent cut 1.5 G color Si1, but of course this is a tall order at my budget which is maxed out at 11k-11.5. I decided to move down to H color, same excellent cut Si1, to try to make my budget work, still a tall order. If I move down to a 1.4, it gets a bit easier. It's just hard to know what to compromise on, but I do know no compromise on cut. I wanted to at least stay the same size as my old I color stone at 1.5- but admittedly, that was not a very well cut stone (GIA table 62.3 depth 62) good polish, good symmetry and cut wasn't specified at time I purchased it. If it would look as big as my old one, but much whiter and brighter I'd be happy- where do I compromise?? Once I narrow this part down I will post specs of things I am looking at for opinions, but I'm not even at the point where I can say G or H, or 1.5 or 1.4 Advice again is greatly appreciated!! I did find a G 1.4 in my price range at reputable dealer and in describing the size difference to me the vendor said face up a 2mm difference between 1.4 and 1.5 (although I know all diamonds are different so that's a general answer). Randy
  12. To clarify, I set out searching for a g 1.5 si1 GIA triple x
  13. I posted earlier that I am looking to replace my lost engagement ring and am going to replacement jeweler. I want to cash out and buy online but have to see what this jeweler will offer. I was hoping to upgrade to a excellent GIA cut 1.5 stone (last one was I not so good cut) to achieve whiter and brighter. I found a 1.46 h at significantly less (almost 2k). Am I silly to insist on getting to a g 1.5? They have nearly identical specs in terms of depth table cut clarity etc. both si1. I know this is personal decision but looking for feedback. Could price diff be do great w same vendor or do I assume h less desirable for an aesthetic reason? Thanks for your thoughts in advance!
  14. Sorry to be dragging this out, but trying to gain understanding of what I should look for online. I do want a brighter, whiter diamond than my old one. I think I would stay with 1.5 carat to achieve this, understanding I will be paying considerably more. The excellent cut is a must, after all the great advice you've given me. That being said, will going from "I" to "H" assuming excellent cut, on either, make a difference to its' "whiteness"? Thanks again! The unbiased advice is invaluable I am definitely going to handle the negotiations differently then I would have before this advice. Randy
  15. When I say Brighter I guess I really meant whiter too- I assumed they are synonymous, but I guess not from reading back to your prior post? Is "whiteness" about cut too??
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