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  1. Mainer

    Color K

    I knew that white gold was generally coated with Rhodium to give it a whiter appearance but I didn't realize that under the Rhodium was that warm white gold. Fashion is a funny thing. The warm white gold is much more attractive than coated gold. Love the earrings. They look very Etruscan and very gold!!!
  2. Mainer

    Color K

    Why Palladium instead of Silver. Wouldn't both tend to make gold less yellow?
  3. Mainer

    Color K

    Great photos!!!!!
  4. Mainer

    Color K

    So you like the warmer color in a diamond. Is it set in yellow or white gold or platinum?
  5. Mainer

    'glg' Or 'gem-A' Certificate????

    Does the stone look beautiful to you and is the setting attractive?
  6. Mainer

    Color K

    I would love to hear opinions, experiences, advice, comments on the color K in diamonds. Some will like it some will not. I'm interested in all opinions.
  7. Mainer

    Your Opinion, Please ...

    I didn't realize that kind of image was a natural photograph rather than an image from a scope of some sort. I like your photo of diamond between tweezers and in natural light. One seems to be looking deep down into the center of the diamond . It's has very 3 dimensional feel. Back to weaving. This has been a very interesting conversation. Thank you.
  8. Mainer

    Your Opinion, Please ...

    One image is from a scope of some kind; the other is a photograph of the diamond as it actually looks in real life just magnified. It's very interesting to have both images to look at and compare.
  9. Mainer

    Your Opinion, Please ...

    Replying to points 1, 2, and 3 !. I did not know that there was a tension, rivalry, competition between the two institutions. (LOL at the zombie invasion.) I'm guessing then each has its dedicated and loyal followers extolling the virtues of their chosen institution and denigrating the rival lab. 2. I can see what you mean about too much information for those just interested in getting the buying over and done with. However, sometimes the search and the learning are as much fun as the the owning. How all the parameters of a diamond work together or don't work together, means they are complex and there is a lot to learn. Also, if I'm going to spend large sums of money I'd like to know enough so I have greater chance of being happy with my purchase. 3. No, I would not have been able to pick out the images as the same diamond. I'm guessing the actual diamond picture is the one vendors should use for people that don't ask too many questions.
  10. Mainer

    Your Opinion, Please ...

    LOL OK OK I was definitely too harsh and judgmental. I did not realize that the labs did not provide images. Now I'm wondering why not. They certainly have looked the diamond with all the latest scopes, x-rays, viewers, analyzers, etc why not take the pictures of the images then?
  11. Mainer

    Re-Post Report?

    Yes. Many thanks for posting it. This time I'll save it.
  12. Mainer

    Your Opinion, Please ...

    I probably should not make harsh judgements about the vendor since I am clueless about how the diamond business works. I would have thought that since vendors have access to certification lab reports and images there would be no need for the vendor to take pictures and no reason not to send the certification and images immediately. Also stating that the vendor might not have an Ideal Scope seemed strange.
  13. Mainer

    Your Opinion, Please ...

    Equipment light goes out, lint gets into equipment, post fuzzy/linty pictures, doesn't know if pictures can be provided. Hmmmmmm Sounds like more than just the diamond has problems.
  14. Mainer

    Your Opinion, Please ...

  15. Mainer

    Advice On This Rock Please!!

    After you have seen the diamond in person come back and tell us what you saw. Very curious about "faint black under the table"