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  1. Hi Herman, I definitely didn't mean to come across as not assuming that the forum doesn't get excellent traffic and coming off the wrong way. I'm really sorry if that's how it sounded. Maybe it is simply, the use of mobile devices has caused less posting. As you say, now the information is already in the forum the traffic is already finding what it needs. I will see where I can value add. It is harder as a relatively new poster, particularly not an A - Lister, however I will try my best.
  2. As a buyer for sure. To see if I can also start pursuing some of my other ideas.
  3. Yes that is exactly what I was quering before. Seems I need a link to eBay as I build up reviews elsewhere on eBay but eventually also move away from eBay too. I will need to figure this catch 22 out Maybe an interim process.
  4. Still need to get to one of these trade shows too. Nearly went to one in Sydney, but then I got pregnant and started passing out randomly!! I passed out 3 times. The first time I woke up and there were 20 people standing over me. The next 2 times I was with my husband which was much safer. So I missed my first trade show I had registered for.
  5. I did find your eBay store by googling. I just couldn't find it via your website. I think they do prioritise which country you are from, so that is a challenge for us in com.au. I would love to spend 6 months in Hawaii and just buy things from the American ebay store lol!! You have so much more stock it's incredible.
  6. DiamondsbyLauren has no obvious link to an eBay store. I actually couldn't find one! But saw the third party review site. Beautiful pieces
  7. Hello Herman, Something I've noticed recently is that forums that were hopping with interaction a few years back have quietened down a lot. I'm unsure the reasons for this, but one theory I have is potentially the increase of interaction on Social Media, ie Instagram, You Tube, Facebook Pages and Facebook Market Places. I think Price Scope still has a fair amount of traffic, but even sites like the Purse Forum has slowed down. Regardless, I digress. I'm wondering if a new Forum Section may be a fun idea to explore. I don't know what these Forum Sections may be! But it just may be something to consider? - Maybe an "Online Jewellers Group" Sharing information amongst one another such as funny stories, or great success stories they have had. It could be asking for advice like, the best way to send an item internationally. Again, discussions around Social Media, advice and help for each other. - There could be a "How To" section: Maybe this could include topics such as - "How to buy a coloured diamond?" "How to buy safely online?" - Maybe a "Social Media and Diamonds" section: "How has Social Media affected your Diamond Business?" - Maybe a "Buy/Sell/Trade section" This can include, "want to buy" as well. I'm seeing that heaps in Facebook Marketplaces. Other people may have some ideas they would wish to share. Some of the threads look quite old, so maybe it may help to create some fresh activity. I would love if some of the regular posters here may have some ideas too?
  8. We need to infuse some life into this area! I have noticed a few forums are allowing Pre-Loved sales now. The Purse Forum is one, and PriceScope is another. People are linking to loupe troup, eBay links etc. As per my other thread its something that can be potentially inject some life here but as you mentioned it can also have the concern of "abuse". To be honest some of these threads already look a bit dubious and at least linking to another site like eBay does give some credibility to the seller. There are also lots of FB market placea popping up. I'm wondering how we can infuse life here? Just some thoughts.
  9. Sometimes, with Luxury houses such as Bvlgari, depending on the size of the diamond they provide an in house certificate instead. Some of the Bvlgari ring designs can also be more about the design, and made up of a lot of small diamonds, these items can come with a certificate of authenticity instead.
  10. Yes, I 100% agree. Long term goal is to move towards the website. Maybe for the time being I need to link back to eBay as eBay hold trust with a lot of people already, but long term the goal would be to move towards the website. eBay is also so unpredictable. Particularly with all their changes to the algorithms etc. They are in a funky patch in the moment, well in eBay Australia they are at least.
  11. When buying a diamond ring second hand or pre-loved you are in a unique position in that you are buying from an individual. As such you must remember this: the person selling the item - wants to sell. Nonetheless, when people are hit with the idea of negotiating, most people shy away from it. As a result, many items on the second hand market never sell. It is a very common outcome that an individual will try to sell an item, fail and put the item into their drawer gathering dust, never to be seen again. My suggestion is this: if you are interested in an item - make an offer. The result being, you will save more money, and the seller will have a successful sale. The perfect outcome for all involved. You must remember though, when dealing with an individual, responses will not always predictable. Most importantly you do not want to offend anyone by low balling (making a really low offer) and having them just ignore you. You want to make a reasonable offer. An offer that saves you money and an offer which makes the seller really seriously consider your offer. To find out what this value may be, check out eBay or other classifieds ads to see what items are selling for. Also in addition ascertain the current new market value. This will help you find an amount you think is fair. The better armed you are with knowledge, the more successful you will be in making a good offer. There will be some sellers who just don't want to acknowledge an offer, and as with anything when dealing with individuals, no one responds in the same way. If this happens, you can either purchase the item at the price they are asking or move on entirely. If the seller responds with a counteroffer, this is actually good for you. You have now successfully entered negotiations. At this point you can accept their counter offer, or you can even counter again. My advice is to stay within a reasonable amount of their counteroffer as they are providing you with an opportunity to purchase. Whatever happens, always remain respectful. You are much more likely to get a positive result for the both of you. [ Link edited out by Moderator. Please see Forum Rules ] Have fun bargain hunting savvy shoppers!!
  12. Interesting regarding the turnover, I had hoped Cartier would have had a pretty good turnover for 1 Carat Rings. However, I do remember when I was in high school I worked in a couple jewellery stores part time. During the time I was there, they never sold a single diamond ring! It was mostly the lower value items that were turning over, earrings, necklaces, wedding bands etc. I also had a friend who worked at Tiffany, I wish now I could remember the details because I can't remember the exact figure, but their turnover was pretty decent for Engagement Rings. Cartier maybe it's mostly their LOVE range that's popular. I have to admit, I am amazed at how their trinity range is popular. Certainly not bagging out Cartier, but I remember selling these "russian wedding bands" (same concept) back in the 1980s for a fraction of the price. The ceramic as well in thei trinity rings makes the rings so hard to repolish. Their LOVE bracelets are gorgeous, but the LOVE rings, are really quite simple in my opinion. I appreciate Cartier, and do love the LOVE bracelets and some of their necklaces, but I think their other lines are a growing affection for me.
  13. Thanks Davide eBay is extremely strict on anyone selling on their platform and in no way whatsoever mention can you have a website on their platform. I suupose I can link to my eBay store, particulalry if it does help trust. I maybe can put an * to explain my prices are better on my website...OR I simply make my prices better on my website and a savvy customer figures that out themselves. eBay fees are very high. However having a website driving traffic can be expensive with Google Adwords, FB Ads etc If someone stumbled across my website and then chose to buy off eBay I feel I'll end up paying twice in a way for that exposure. However as I'm building my brand maybe its something I move towards and have as a long term strategy moving away from eBay.. I can try to be a bit forward asking for reviews on a third party platform. Yelp isn't huge here, but I can try. No harm in asking right? Makes more sense than asking people to review me on Facebook.
  14. No worries I can look into security tags etc, I have considered this already so have many ideas. Okay, great feedback re: postage costs, I can look at supplying a return paid envelope maybe. I think in the US returns are mych more smoother in retail, in Australia and eBay not so much. Could be good to learn from the US though as well and take this on board. I have been looking at credit cards too - I was actually more scared about fraud! with them!! But do you think if I simply vet suspicious activity I can minimize this as well? I will have a think about the best way for this. I will browse a few ither sites too like Davides if he doesn't mind me getting some inspiration. Sorry to sound so ignorant, but when you say insurance, do you mean when they return? Or general holding of stock? I thought Davide and David were the same person!!
  15. I've made many of the changes that you suggested already Neil I included a tab for 'Returns' and I also included a link to the eBay store for real reviews. Please let me know what you think if this looks a little better. https://www.catherinetrentonjewellery.com I haven't installed the 3rd party app for reviews, I can do this too, but need to explore it a bit. Please let me know if the Returns policy is clearer now. I've also updated all the Returns on eBay too. Please let me know your thoughts so far. I am so excited!! Thank you!!
  16. I've just updated all my eBay listings to accept returns. I need to figure out how to put this on the website in an attractive way. I just got an enquiry via my website just now too! I told you Neil and Davide are geniuses. Davide is lateral and Neil is just so methodical. Both extremely smart with different approaches. I find sometimes in forums, etc, sometime people don't actually get what you are saying, but I have never had that happen here.
  17. I'm so excited, I just added returns onto my eBay store and will update my website to reflect this too. Also when I mentioned low traffic earlier, I specifically meant the classified section as I could see many of the listings were quite old.
  18. Just to clarify what you are saying here, do you mean if I write on the eBay forum, I can link it to an article for example on say 'How to Buy on eBay?'. Or does Google just connect the two?
  19. Thank you SOOOO much for the feedback Neil. It also means the world to me that you think its a nice site and that I'll do well!! Okay, for the feedback, should I make a link direct to my eBay store? I can place this above my written reviews, then people can click on my eBay store to see the real reviews. You can see these here: https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/catherine-trenton-jewellery and as you know eBay reviews are the real deal. I've worked really hard on getting these reviews, so they do mean the world to me. As I said though I worry that I'm driving people back to eBay. However, I want people to see the real reviews. I have feedback on my Facebook store too, these too are genuine however I get that people could get their mates to do this so may not hold as much weight. When you say a 'third party' do you mean an app? I can install this, but unless people buy direct from my site, it's a catch 22 to get the feedback. It would be hard to get people to leave feedback on eBay and then expect them to leave it on my website, as they may not even connect the two, if you know what I mean? I do think I can find an app for this though and look into it. Please let me know if you think I should do both. ie link to eBay as well. Regarding returns, when I started I was so small, my account was set up to not accept returns. However as all my items are purchased via PayPal or eBay - I guess I am accepting returns regardless. So I need to just bite the bullet and accept returns. Thank you for your candid advice. If it is affecting my website conversions, I can definitely accept returns. Someone also said, if you get 100 extra customers from accepting returns, and get 10 returns, you are still 90 customers ahead. Now, if I accept returns, please can you provide some advice on how do I protect myself against receiving the exact item I sent and not be scammed? Why would you not accept layaway? Accepting this has been organic. I have had many people contact me for Layby purchases so done quite a few of these. I do have terms and conditions, so I can include these or consider removing it altogether. I am in two minds about consignment. 1) it would help me grow but 2) it is a lot of work and extra hassle, so unsure about whether I want to do this. I don't promote this a lot and thinking about whether I should remove it altogether. However, I think people like the sound of consignment stores. Re the forum: I can provide information about people buying pre-loved or selling pre-loved. I can't just repeat my blog articles as I think that's a google penalty, but I do have a lot of knowledge in this area. I could do a few guides but did notice the 'classifieds forum' it was a low traffic forum with the old posts. I can help with luxury purchases. I can keep thinking about this.
  20. This is just my thoughts, and it's purely speculative but is it possible, that in 2011 a variety of factors contributed to Cartier buying a large amount of Diamonds in that time frame. I'm just speculating is that maybe the cost of diamonds was lower at that time. The reason I thought this may happen is the cost of Platinum and Gold is always rising and falling - Gold is always changing with respect to the Economy. Though Diamonds are not the most fungible item, possibly to a company like Cartier they are fairly fungible. An example is in the 1980s, the cost of Platinum was 10% of the cost of Gold. In 2010 the cost of Platinum was 100% more than the cost of Gold. Factoring in these kinds of fluctuations of raw goods, this could greatly impact the manufacturing costs of a large company. If one started to see these fluctuations, maybe they would buy up big when they knew the prices of something was low. I'm just speculating, but maybe the cost of Diamonds was lower at that time so they bought a large number of diamonds. Alternatively some other contributing factor going on with their company at the time such as surplus of capital, share price etc, may have contributed to this.
  21. I think the area I can best add value in his helping people sell their items in the classifieds section. That, I think would be where I would be able to contribute the most. Let me know if you agree with this?
  22. Thank you again for your transparency. I appreciate your honest answer. This makes sense as well.
  23. Thank you Neil. I'm also based in Australia just to put things in perspective as well as most of my market is local. My niche is very small, but I've become an expert in this area which has had this turn into a hobby/venture. My website is https://www.catherinetrentonjewellery.com You can find my eBay store within the site, but as I mentioned I don't overtly promote it on the website because I wasn't sure if that was counter intuitive. My niche is selling pre-loved Diamond Designer Jewellery from luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Bvlgari etc. I only deal with fine jewellery, ie diamonds and 18ct gold so no sterling silver whatsoever. I'm in a little island for the following reasons, and when I refer to islands I mean finding communities I belong to, where I can value add: 1. I'm pre-loved, so suit bargain hunting, savvy, consumers etc, but 2. I'm also luxury, because it's branded jewellery the price point is higher 3. as I'm pre-loved I'm not making custom jewellery so not a jeweller and and finally 4. our whole conversation around trust is very important as it is pre-loved. There are people who sell second hand Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc who could match my niche, but these guys are massive in the US already and in Australia not as big a market. In Australia I would be the biggest re seller in this exclusive niche.
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