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  1. The old thumb rules of trade for best cut are table and depth below 70% , crown 9-15%, this will give you a start
  2. Most of the black diamonds are blackened by color enhancement, your diamond is a natural black diamond, these diamonds often have cavities on the surface. This should not affect the value or grading of the diamond
  3. The problem is the places where the brush can not reach, as under set diamonds or inside small gold openings . To get it cleaned one must have an ultrasonic bath. Dip it 10 minute and you are done.
  4. I agree with Denverappraiser, plus, buy an Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, they start at $70 !
  5. I think jewelry industry failed in educating their customers how important it is to clear your engagement ring every week. We are getting diamond engagement rings for upgrades and each time we see that the ring was not cleaned for a long time. The combination of dirt and hand soaps we use covers the pavilions of the diamond, this has two worst effects over the diamond: 1) The light rays are absorbed in the dirt layer and the amount of reflections back are minimized, the diamond loses its brilliance totally. 2) The imperfections that were not seen due to the reflections, become visible, (especially in the VS@ SI grades)see pictures below: If you did not clean your ring for a long time it will be impossible to clean it at home with just old toothbrush and detergents. You need to use Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, either step into any jewelry store, they will gladly do it (most of them free of charge), or Buy a Home Jewelry Ultrasonic cleaner, they start at $70! This will keep your ring fresh and looking new.
  6. Hi Marilynn, No worries your diamond will not change it's 4Cs ever. It is absolutely a matter of cleaning. I do not know what type of rubbing alcohol you used, maybe it has also a certain % of oil which is bad for the diamond. If it has been a long time since you cleaned it or bought it then the dirt paste under your diamond has hardened and needs a professional cleaning with steam and ultrasound, most of the jewelers even will not charge for this even if you are just a walk in customer. When a diamond accumulates dirt the diamond loses its sparkle and sometimes the imperfections become more visible because of lack of the brilliance which "hide" it. If its not long, a toothbrush and soap with fresh water will do te job.
  7. Hellow everyone I am back after 4 years of silence. To me it looks also like a Ruby, but tere are diamond detectors and who knows maybe you have a small fortune here.
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