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  1. Took the advice and went down to VS1, F color, no fluorescent, 1.27 but 13.5k. It does contain cloud inclusions in the center of the stone. What impacts or I'll effect might it have with light reflection and reflection? Again, thanks for all the responses.
  2. I'm considering purchasing a stone with a cloud inclusion. I have been told to stay away from stones that has cloud inperfections. But the stone has a good hca. 1.09 F VVS1 XXX No Fluorescent Price is 12.3k Any reasons why this might not be a good purchase?
  3. From the picture that i have attached there's a feather inclusion on the edge. Is there any possibility that it might become a chip inclusion?
  4. Thanks for the response. I often see table of 57 or 58. Would like to know expert opinion on this feather inclusions? Carat Weight:1.31 Cut:Excellent Color:F Clarity:VVS1 Price($):15k Depth: 61.90 Table:58.00 Polish:Excellent Symmetry:Excellent Girdle:M Culet:None Fluorescence:None Ratio:0.00 Measurements: 7.00 x 6.96 x 4.32
  5. Would like to get an expert opinion on the proportion of the diamond that I'm looking to buy. The table is most alarming to me. Thank you in advance. Depth 62.5 % Table 54 % Crown Angle 34.5° Crown Height 16.0% Pavilion Angle 40.8° Pavilion Depth 43.0% Star Length 45% Lower Half 75% Girdle Medium, Faceted, 3.5% Culet None
  6. Thank you for all responses. Guess it's just my luck.
  7. Thank you I'll skip on diamonds with chip inclusions
  8. What problem or why I should not but a diamond with a chip inclusion? Also table of 56 degree Thank you for any feedback
  9. Recently I made 2 attempts to purchase a rock from b2c jewels, both times they told me that the diamond was already sold after I placed the order and 1 time even provided the payment. I have been only looking at b2c jewels through the use of diamond review search tools. I felt like I can trust them but not so sure now. I still cannot believe that they couldn't reserve the diamond from the cutter after they confirmed that they were available. Twice after I placed the order, I immediately made arrangement to propose to my gf of 6 years. Does anyone know of any sellers that have similar policy as b2c jewels?
  10. Is there a forum app that supports diamond review? I have tried tapatalk but unable to find diamond review.
  11. Silento

    1.30 If

    Thanks for all the responses. I got the price wrong. The seller wants 15k. I won't be purchasing this one. I'll continue with my search. Thanks all
  12. Silento

    1.30 If

    Would like to know if this is a good stone and if 13k is a good price?
  13. Thank you for the quick response. I believe that it worth only 10k because the cut size is not the typical size that many look for when they out searching for a ring, demand vs price. The market for the same cut is 9-11k. Please correct me if i am wrong.
  14. Would like to get expert opinions on these inclusions, The store asking price is 11k. But i feel like it only worth 10k because of the inclusions, Please help, your feedback is appreciated
  15. 2 month salary? I thought that it was 3 month salary. I have been misled.
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