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  1. Dear Neil, Thank you, I appreciate your kind words.I felt bad that so many people did not receive excellent customer service and that is what we were trained to do.I was hoping maybe I could clarify for some that were unhappy.Then I'm attacked by the same contributor on two separate issues because he is reading too deeply into what I'm saying.Well, everyone has there own opinion. Ox, Diamond Girl
  2. At the risk of being corrected 10 ways to Sunday. I will give you a word of caution, please thoroughly check the girdle (outtermost part of the diamond) that it does not have any chips or cracks. In pictures it is hard to tell, the top view looks very nice.(referring to #2). Remember these diamonds have been around for awhile and others have loved them too. There is a small market for mine cut diamonds.Do you feel like it is a fair price you are paying? If you don't it doesn't hurt to take the advise and check around a bit further.Good luck with your search. Diamond Girl
  3. No matter what, if you love it and you can not see the natural characteristics with your naked eye and it sparkles beautifully, then that is all that matters. Your diamond needs to make you smile evey time you look at it.Enjoy!
  4. Yes, I have worked for Jared, and others in the industry. I was only laying out information. I don't need to be attacked.I thought this would be informative and fun. It's not, it' just another vehicle to complain, not to gain learning or any sort of understanding.
  5. There seems to be some grave misgivings regarding Jared the Galleria of Jewelery, although I can not speak for all of them.First Jared is a destination store, meaning people that go to the store usually have a mission. The associates that work for Jared are trained to treat people as they would "guests"in their own home. That is why one is greeted at the door, offered refreshments, shown around the store, given our History ( Jared is owned by the same parent company as Kay's, Belden's etc...which is Sterling Co. in turn owned by Signet Corp. Out of London England and has been in business for over 100 years.) They are also trained to be professionals in their fields. It is unfortunate that some of you have had bad experiences.As far as opening up Jared accounts is concerned, that is merely a vehicle to allow any one of their guests to afford any piece of jewelry in the store they wish to own. They also believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to deside for themselves if they want an account or not. It is also obvious that some have incorrect information. There is no such thing as S-L1. They do sell some pre set which is no different than Kay's these are made to accomodate a price point customer.The big difference with Jared is that the customer can pick and choose the quality of the center diamond based on specific parameters for their engagement ring.They can choose from IGI, GIA and Tolkowsky diamonds all independently graded outside of Jared.I also found over 70 semi mounts not including their Neil Lane, Scott Kay and Hearts Desire Collections. One of the reasons why they may team up would be if the customer maybe coming back then there would be another sales associate familiar with the customer to assist and it would not be necessary to start over and that the customer would feel comfortable knowing someone else in the store.Nothing is ever perfect and maybe this attention is not right for everyone. They have a life time guarantee all in writing on all their diamonds.And, yes they offer an "extended service plan", but so do all other Jewelers or you pay for all repairs because nothing is free any more, don't kid yourself.Jewelers don't do repairs for free anymore. This one I really checked deep into, anything else you want to know? Ox, Diamond Girl #1
  6. Being in retail for so many years I always have had reservations about buying diamonds on line.I know one can save a couple thousand dollars but it really doesn't matter when some day that diamond falls out of the mounting and it can happen to anyone.Check your insurance coverage well, because you need specific coverage for loss from the mounting due to worn mountings if it is at all available.There are no life time guarantees against loss of stone from falling out of the mounting, chipping, or breaking something you may want to consider. As far as the two diamonds above are concerned the 1.41ct. Has a much better representation of the hearts and arrows which are the corner stone of the Tolkowsky cut, the standard of cutting since 1919.SI1's definition requires it to better than eye clean, as a matter of fact the natural characteristics should be only visible under a 10x scope. Good luck with your purchase, Ox, Diamond Girl #1
  7. Ring in box all the time, it gives the psychological impression of value, the importance of the occassion and the ring being given, it assures her that she is the first one to wear the ring.Also, elevates the value because it is being housed in a safe place.Never in your hand it devalues the ring, and finger prints get all over the ring making it not sparkle as well as it should.Remember, this is the big moment! Best foot forward, Places that hold special meaning to you are the best places to propose. Never on holidays or birthdays, create your own special day.Only you know what is right for you, just like your engagement ring, listen to your heart. Ox, Diamond Girl #1
  8. Hi, I just wanted to weigh in on this. True brown and pink(light) are the only diamonds that are naturally colored.Their molecular structure grows in in a lattice pattern that when hit by light creates the body color that our eyes see, which is shades of light to deep brown and extremely light pink to light pink (never hot pink.) Even "natural" yellow from the earth has been exposed to nitrogen which causes diamond material to turn varying shades of yellow. Any fancy colored diamond, unless the proper provinance is provided one can say with utmost certainty has been treated. The one you show above, although a picture, appears to be brown with purple under tones as you stated. GIA does not put a value on their appraisals. Honestly, not a great investment either, unless it is an investment in your own personal enjoyment.Although, it does have a very interesting personality. It would look awesome in a men's ring for someone special or maybe a pendant with some pink toumalines. "Colored" diamonds, particualrly thoses of darker body color and those that are enhanced are usually lower grade.(Not to say all champagne, chocolate or Australian diamonds are of lower quality because that is not true, just more prevalent.) However, there are several reasons why:1 darker colors actually hide the (inclusions) natural characteristics,2 this in turn allows for more diamond on the market, 3 diamonds with lower clarity grade are less rare and therefore less costly, 4 overall appeal of owning a diamond, particularly one of an exotic color! Anyone interested in hearing about the natural pink diamond that was recently sold at auction? I can fill you in on a later email. ox, Diamond Girl #1
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