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  1. Thebb

    New Diamondfinder Launched

    What do you think of adding a Girdle filter under advanced?
  2. Thebb

    Does An Ags Scintillation Report Matter?

    This might be what the OP is referring to:
  3. Thebb

    Brand New To The Site Looking For Rock

    Diamond finder:
  4. Thebb

    How To Find Rap Value? 5.62Ct Fancy Yellow

    Yes, will do. Thanks for the input guys.
  5. Thebb

    How To Find Rap Value? 5.62Ct Fancy Yellow

    I wanted to find out the "rap" price to have an idea what the market price was and bid well below that. Asking price was 90k. From the info that you guys have given me I think this stone is around 50k market. Correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Thebb

    How To Find Rap Value? 5.62Ct Fancy Yellow

    Thanks for your input, davide. As per the hue, it is definitely more in line with the first 3.8 ct diamond. This was offered to me by someone who needs to sell it. The only reason we would buy it is if it has a good resale potential. However, it seems that he is even asking above market price for this.
  7. Thebb

    How To Find Rap Value? 5.62Ct Fancy Yellow definitely helped me get a ballpark figure. I was looking for something like this since the Diamond Finder tool doesn't include fancy colored diamonds. I mentioned that it wasn't eye clean in case it affects the valuation in anyway.
  8. Thebb

    How To Find Rap Value? 5.62Ct Fancy Yellow

    Thanks for the quick reply, Neil. Didn't know that. So how would I go about this?
  9. Is there any way someone not in the trade could find the rap value of a rock? We were recently offered this: And I have no clue how to actually value this myself. I was told by someone other than the seller (another jeweler, add pinch of salt) that since it is only fancy yellow and not vivid or intense, as well as an oval cut, it is actually not a "highly desired" stone. I saw the stone myself. It looks nice, however it is NOT eye clean. I easily spotted a black pinpoint on the table. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. As cdjw mentioned get the biggest D/IF/XXX or AGS000 you can. That should solve your woes.
  11. Thebb

    Engaged And In Need Of Advice

    Online retailers trusted and used by people on this site (to name a few): Brian Gavin, Whiteflash, James Allen, Blue Nile, Union Diamond, Salomon Brothers. Again these are just a few examples, there are a few more out there and you can choose whichever you prefer. Just make sure you read and understand that company's policies before you choose to make a purchase.
  12. Thebb

    Is This A Good Buy?

    Ok. So here it is! Pics aren't best quality as they were taken with my phone camera which isn't the greatest. It's a cathedral setting in platinum with 1/4 ctw. The center diamond is 1.27 ct G/VVS2/VG/EX/EX 6.94-6.96 x 4.33mm
  13. Thebb

    Is This A Good Buy?

    I know it's been a long time but I haven't forgotten about you guys. I will be getting the finished ring next Friday and will be posting some pics for you guys who helped me so much. Pretty excited.
  14. Thebb

    Is This Ring Worth It ?

    Take a look at this: You can pay around 2.5-3k for a better looking larger center stone and mount it on a 1k - 1.5k setting and you'd probably be getting a much better value, IMO.
  15. Thebb

    Black Diamond Wedding Ring?

    Yes, I saw some pictures. I think I know what you mean Gerald. Still interesting as an additional piece, not the main engagement ring, at least in my case. I definitely see the appeal. I think it's something I could discuss with my gf. But would have to wait until after I give her the engagement ring... wouldn't want her asking what I was looking at diamonds for. But to the OP, if you are still watching, wear what you like .