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  1. I did not ask about the resizing because I read their policy and they do say they consider 'resizing' costum made products and they do not accept costum made products for refund or exchange. So, based on the email they sent me I assume they are kind of bizarre ...I guess I am going to give up..I really liked the first ring though.. thank you for your reply . That's very nice of you to take the time.
  2. Ok, so I asked them all the question that you raised and this is wat they answered back..what do you think? Hello Andrea, Thank you for your interest in our website and services. There is a gemological lab that certifies our stones in the diamond district and our diamond jewelry all comes with appraisals. If you want GIA certified stones we can do that as well but the price would be more. All of the diamonds are natural and untreated. And we don't mention these things usually because we don't focus on the center stone for most of the rings but due to the high volume of questions that we receive about the center stones, we are in the process of updating all of the items with that information. Thanks for your inquiry, and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call at 212-xxxxxxx Thank You, TraxNYC
  3. Never thought about all these.. I am going to send an email to the owner and ask him all these questions. Thank you for replying ..I took a look at your website those stones just rock!
  4. Hi! I am new to this forum. I came across it after I started to search for reviews about this company called traxnyc from NY. They have a website called traxnyc.com . First of all, I should say I DO NOT KNOW anything about diamonds. The only thing I know (for sure) is that I like these two rings that I found on this website but I have no idea if the company is reputable or if their jewelry is well made etc. I don't live in NY so I was thinking to order online. The rings that I like are http://www.traxnyc.com/Ladies-Rings-Diamond-Wedding-Rings-Princess-Cut-Wedding-Ring-2-bs_1-item31155.html and http://www.traxnyc.com/Ladies-Rings-Diamond-Wedding-Rings-Princess-Cut-Diamond-Wedding-Ring-bs_3-item30639.html. I like them and I like the prices but what do I really get for these prices? Can anybody take a look at these links and let me know what you, as professionals , think? I like the princess cut and this cathedral style but I am wondering if the company is legit and if it stays by what they claim they sell. What should I know before I order from them and before I make up my mind? Are the diamonds ok - clarity, color and cut? Thank you!! I also posted some pics of the rings.
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