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    Jared's Galleria Of Jewelry

    Sounds like a bunch of excuses from a company that multiple people, in multiple parts of the country, have had similar problems with. They've posted their experiences here, but it doesn't take more than 5 minutes of web searching to find even more horror stories of working with this vendor. I, personally, have gone into a Jared store and spoken with a SA that had less knowledge about diamonds than I. I don't even work in the diamond business! Being a professional just means you get paid for what you do - not that you have any expertise. Jared is viewed as a lower-tier jeweler for a reason.
  2. RockyRaccoon

    Enhanced Princess Cut (Aig)

    Here are a few options that feature a real diamond, but wouldn't involve you draining your retirement (all are less than $200):
  3. RockyRaccoon

    B2C Jewels? Are They Legit? Shopping For 4.01 Rb.

    I would also put this stone in the running, and save yourself $10-15k: