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  1. Found this one on ebay for a very cheap price: What do you guys think about that?
  2. Blue Nile it is then. Neither of the 2 from Blue Nile are .25 though. They are .5 and .75 respectively. I really want to get her the .75. So do you think the .75 one from Blue NIle is worth it?
  3. Thanks David. Okay, I need to make my purchase by the end of this week and I'm currently looking at the following from cheapest to most expensive: (1/2 ct $500) (3/4 ct $700) (3/4 ct $950) Now, I would consider the last one even though it's over my budget. I'm leaning towards the last 2 as I want a 3/4 ct, unless the clarity & color would look bad in a 3/4 ct (as it's more difficult to see flaws in 1/2 ct). I know you guys prefer Blue Nile over Zales (and other mall jewelers) but is the 3rd earring that much better than the 2nd? Thanks again. She's a very special girl to me and I want to get her something she would love to wear for the rest of her life.
  4. Hey guys, I've been working and saving my money over the past few months. Her birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I am getting ready to make my decision and purchase. I have a limit of $800 and want to get her the best studs possible. I'm trying to balance carat, color level, cut and clarity. It seems like most people think the carat weight is most important, followed by clarity. I hear very little about color and cut level though. It's actually on sale for $500 right now and I like it but is the I color level something I should stay away from? Is there a huge difference between an E and an I? Yes it would. Here is a link for the Diamond Finder for some SI1 0.26ct each: About 600.- for the stones + 100.- for the work. Voila! .26ct seems kind of light, no?
  5. What if I increased my limit to $700? would that be significant in overall clarity and size?
  6. Thanks for the link. Are there any others that you would recommend? Or at least recommend some stores or online stores.
  7. How much more do I have to spend for something with slightly higher clarity?
  8. Yea I would love to have more money to spend so that I can get something with higher clarity but I may have to settle for something like this. Would you guys say weight is more important than clarity? And how much more would I have to spend for a similar earring with clarity that is a notch higher?
  9. Im not too sure if I want to go with a diamond simulant but I dont know much about them either. I dont earn a lot of money so I cant afford anything over $500. I was looking at these but not sure what to think:
  10. Unfortunately I dont even know how to judge "quality" when it comes to diamonds. I suppose the best karat and weight combo. My girlfriend likes diamonds and white gold.
  11. I understand value is subjective. I value quality as well as price. I also need this by the end of August. Those are my biggest values.
  12. Im looking to buy a nice set of stud earrings for my girlfriend and not sure where I should shop. For a name brand store, it seems like Zales offers the best value but Im not sure if I should buy it from Zales.