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  1. Hi, I have found 2 stones that fits my budget. I stone is from b2c jewels and the other is from a local vendor. Which is the better diamond deal? Has anyone had experience with b2c jewels? Stone from local vendor is priced at $133,000 link to gia report 4.03 carat / G color / VVS2 / GIA xxx / Faint flourescent This stone has a poor HCA score of 5.5. The stone is not inscribed. B2C Jewels stone online is priced at $126,400 link to gia report 4.01carat / F color / VVS2 / GIA xxx / Medium Blue flourescent This diamond has a great HCA score. I have attached the ASET report to this that i received from b2c jewels. I am ok with the price but am nervous of buying things online. i am worried that the medium blue flourescent will make the diamond look cloudy.
  2. deuce123

    Buying A 4 Carat Diamond On Bluenile. Please Help

    Hi David, thanks for your reply. I am located in Newport Beach, Ca. I found this diamond on Here is a link to the GIA Report # 2141525757 I found that there are so much more diamond selections online. I have been told from my family members not to buy diamonds that a lower then G color or vvs2. The larger the diamond the easier it will be to see inperfections. Is this true? After searching for diamonds i come to realize that there are so many variables in picking a stone. Its been a very big pain. I used the HCA cut advisor on They gave this diamond a 1.0 excellent cut score. Does this mean it will have a Hearts and Arrow effect under the Ideal scope?? In your opinion should i start searching for vs1 diamonds as well?
  3. Hi, I am planning to purchase this diamond on bluenile. I have placed an offer for $143,000usd. Please let me know if this diamond specifications look decent? I used the HCA cut advisor and it gave me a 1.0 rating. Everything is excellent. do you think it will be safe to buy a diamond at this price online?? How easy would it be to return if I am not happy with it? Is this diamond even worth the price? crown % 33.5 Pavillion % 41 Stock number: Price: $144,480 Bank wire price: $142,313 Price per carat: $34,237 Carat weight: 4.22 Cut: Ideal Color: G Clarity: VVS2 Depth %: 59.6% Table %: 58% Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Girdle: Thin to Medium, Faceted Culet: None Fluorescence: Faint Measurements: 10.55 x 10.61 x 6.30 mm