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  1. It looks white on the edge to me though! Still not blue enough!
  2. Ohh you have all the berries!!!! Berries cost the earth here! Or you need to drive out to whoop whoop to get them at a good price! I have been busy processing my bananas which are ripening too fast as we have had some very warm days! Here they are wrapped on sticky rice and grilled! The whole thing can now be frozen and makes a great snack!
  3. They ripen beautifully in summer. In winter it takes a while but we get there in the end. I'll take a picture of my currently ripening ones tomorrow. What is your climate geared to grow Davide? Do you ever get to eat delicious ripe mangoes?
  4. Davideeeeeeee!!!!! Look!!!! My own home grown bananas!!!! I can't grow squat diddly but citrus and bananas grow like weeds in my yard! Ok so this is not jade but I cannot resist showing you!
  5. Arrrgghh still debating the bangle above! Davide! Look at these! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2343813/The-3-7million-bangles-Jewelery-carved-rare-gemstone-sell-fortune-jadeite-valuable-gold.html The green!!!!!!!!
  6. Davide I NEED you to come to Sydney one day and inspect some jade for me! I find Jade so frustrating to buy and yet so satisfying at the same time. On one had there is so much ambiguity on what I'm getting but on the other hand but on the other hand there is room to play at the cheap and cheerful end of town so it is quite fun collecting various items! DBL should sell jade! I would happily buy something on the more pricey end at DBL because I'd trust that it is what you say it is!
  7. Davide, the local shop is selling jade bangles with more apparent colour for $3000 (lavender). I am somewhat convinced they are A grade (well as convinced as I can be, noting that I don't know much). Now do you think a jump from about $600 to $3000 (AUD) is reasonable for more obvious colour? Mind you in good lighting mine is practically perfect lavender (to me anyway!). Just needs good lighting! The other stuff stays constant! PS the background you see is the deck I have managed to get built (yay me!!!!!!) hence tonka toys galore out back!
  8. One thing I have come to realise is that both my bangles reply a lot of the right lighting in order to have a good strong colour. It this because the jade is not of good quality? Not dark enough?
  9. Also I am wondering what you think of this one. I am torn as to whether a bit of murkyness is worth a perfect patch of green!
  10. Hi Davide! Here is the new member to my collection. Still don't really know what's real and what's not though!
  11. Oh noes Davide what happened? I have since bought another jade bangle from him and that got delivered fine. I actually have one more in the post as the second one went to Lil sis. Oh I feel so terrible for recommending him but he really has been really nice to me in all my purchases.
  12. Hi Davide!!!! I couldn't resist and ordered a cheapie jade bangle from the Aunt of the friend I was telling you about! Will post some pictures soon! Let's just say that for $95 this is one shade of green I cannot really love. But it is REALLY interesting to look at in terms of a piece of rock! I do think it is A grade jade though. Just not a very nice shade! At any rate Feral toddler seems very keen on playing with it and is proud that he owns a green bangle just like Mummy!
  13. I hope it's real!!! I have read so much stuff on jade and I don't think I can tell at all whether it's real! Half of the stock on the website was sold when I emailed him! I love the sizing of this one! I really pushed the boundaries on the smaller size (52 mm diameter). Soooooo happy!!!!!!!! PS this bangle has been around since 2003!
  14. hehe I don't know how to PM pics so have to post them here! As expected I REALLY REALLY REALLY like it because I have a high tolerance for all shades of green! It is a nice slightly greyish minty green in real life. Sometimes it looks greener than other times depending on the lighting! Sometimes it is a tad grey and sometimes not at all! I am completely fascinated with it! Every time I look at my wrist I see a bit of green which makes me super happy! Not bad for only a few hundred dollars! Do you think it could be untreated? I have no idea if its A, B, C or D jade or even jade at all!
  15. Awww thank you! They are my pride and joy! Chalk and cheese but such darlings! Great idea on the settings! Might go suss out the shops in Chinatown tomorrow!
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