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  1. Thanks to the both of you for your help and quick reply! Quality of the diamond is my biggest concern. I do not want them to sucker me (or actually my boyfriend) in to buying a poor quality diamond and me thinking it is perfect. Are mall stores bad for that? Also how do you feel about the Satiri diamond? This diamond in particular is what got me a little apprehensive about mall stores. We found what appeared to be the ring I had been looking for (round center diamond with diamond halo and thin diamond band) on sale from 5,000 down to 2,000 and the ring was over a carat tw and SI2 clarity. My boyfriend almost purchased it but I felt as if there was something we were missing--it just seemed too good to be true.
  2. Hello. My boyfriend and I have been looking around at engagement rings, and by looking around I mean look at mall jewelry stores. However, I'm not completely sold on buying one from a large retailer such as that simply because I feel as if they are trying to cheat us. Am i wrong? What is the best place to purchase an engagement ring?
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