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  1. Ha, my real name is Akbar Mashti and I am a real customer of McQueen Jewelry. I have no idea where you went shopping, but they have a big showroom in the jewelry district with a big sign saying "McQueen Jewelry". And what jewelry store would have a "dark room"?
  2. Oh, I forgot to say- try looking for a diamond district near you. You could probably get a lot more for your money that way.
  3. I went into one before I bought my now fiance's ring. They are only worth it if you are getting a smaller diamond (under 0.75 carats). Also, they don't have a great selection either- mostly I1's and H-I colors. Same thing with Zales, Ben Bridge, and all the other chain stores.
  4. I was told not to share the GIA report number with anyone- is it safe to do so?
  5. That's the best time to do it! I proposed on a holiday and she was thrilled. I just don't know how I'm going to follow that next year .
  6. I purchased my fiance's engagement ring from McQueen earlier this year. I had bought her a 1 carat E, VS2 solitaire from the website with a coupon for an extra $100 off. A few days later the ring was delivered by UPS. I was really happy with the quality of the stone but I wanted to get her something a little bigger. I called them and spoke with John. Since I live less than 50 miles from their office, he invited me to come in and browse the selection in person. The following week I went in. John sat with me and we went through about 20-25 diamonds; he was very patient and taught me a lot about diamonds through the process. Most of the selection was EGL or GIA certified, only a few diamonds were AGS (what I wanted). I ended up getting a very brilliant 1.50 carat F, SI1 with GIA certification (I'll try to attach an image). I promised John not to tell anyone the price- but I'll put it this way, they really took care of me. I left that office with the biggest grin on my face, I couldn't stop smiling for days.
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