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  1. My clients experience with AGS has been that when they submit to GIA the color grade is off (GIA being more strict)... Plenty of sites out there who offer Ideal and Super Ideal Cut Diamonds - do your homework and you shall find some stellar deals on the internet
  2. There are a few vendors who offer free return shipping from the UK (we happen to be one of them). With that said you can arm yourself with tons of knowledge, so you don't ever have to return a diamond. I would say that from my research (visiting the UK and diamond shopping) that the values offered by online retailers are still very competitive even after adding VAT. I'd like to suggest: https://www.dutycalculator.com/as a quick tool to calculate VAT and duties to the UK. If you run out of free calculations, I would be happy to help you calculate them for you! Most commonly folks don't want to pay the additional duty will still purchase a diamond from the US and then have the ring mounted in the UK. Or collect their ring in the US. In our situation, we don't collect VAT, but rather FedEx would call you to collect VAT and duties. Always keep your VAT receipt - if you need to return the item and have VAT refunded this is what is necessary to do so. Also, this is critical if a company offers a lifetime warranty. To ship your ring for resizing, repairs, etc. you'll have to show that VAT receipt to customs. Clients have used Forex accounts for favorable exchange rates, have you looked into those options? Here is a great tool: https://www.fxcompared.com/ for finding a great forex provider. I have a lot of experience with international shipments, customs, duties and the like - so please feel free to reach out. Joshua EnchantedDiamonds.com
  3. We're not allowed to comment on a particular vendors diamonds - only specific diamonds without mention of the vendor - it allows everyone to be objective - a very awesome rule @DiamondReview that other forums dont have
  4. Im with Neil, I think of clarity (when its eye clean and not affecting light performance) as rarity - an SI1 typically wont have any impact on the beauty of the diamond. Id focus more on cut and light performance! Which you make no mention of in your post.
  5. The ASET is tough to compare here, using a black background is unfair when looking at a white background ASET. Ask the vendor for a white background ASET so you can truly compare the two.
  6. Are you sure that's the photo of the diamond?
  7. I agree, my figure is high, I really have yet to see an inclusion with the naked eye (GIA of course) in an SI1 under 1 carat... I just hear about this rogue/mythological SI1's that are not eye clean, but it seems to me that this is psychosomatic, i.e. if I show you the cert and then all of a sudden you can see the inclusions vs me asking you to guess the clarity with your naked eye or tell you its a VVS to see if you can see the inclusion or not with your naked eye.... I think a lot of this has to do with all the misinformation available online, to mislead you into buying a diamond with better clarity, for more money... And the idea of the diamond being "mind clean"... To us clarity = rarity, not beauty. And even then, I cant really quantify how rare VS, VVS diamonds are in relation to SI1... Essentially you are paying for something microscopically more rare. I love when people come to my office and we play the guess the color/clarity game... They are always shocked (and wrong)... Plenty of myths need to be busted when it comes to diamonds and their beauty, and this is one of them.
  8. In a .70 - .80 i would say 98% of SI1's are eye clean. If we were talking about a bigger diamond, of course this changes, like in 3 carat diamonds, SI1 is a bit less likely to be eye clean... Davide, is absolutely right, most SI1's are eye clean in the .70-.80 range, even up to 2 carats in my experience. Please note, my advice is based on Round Diamonds.
  9. Youll find much better deals through the Diamond Review Diamond Finder: http://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds GSI is not a highly recognized and widely accepted report. I also avoid SI2 clarity as it tends to either be cloudy or not eye clean. Have you seen this diamond already? What did you think? $6300 can buy you a really great diamond, but in my opinion, this isn't one of them.
  10. #3 is the best option in my opinion!
  11. OP Posted a link to a 1 carat diamond ring - so my assessment was based on that.
  12. As George mentions there are better values out there online - brick and mortar just dont have close to the selection and pricing available online.
  13. Too much depth for my taste and a very small table. My advice is to be close to 70-72% for depth and table. I found diamonds that are better cuts and the same color and quality for about the same price.
  14. You did pretty well! Congratulations! Have you popped the question yet?
  15. My advice is to go with: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/Round/GIA-Certified-1,75-Carat-H-Color-VS1-Clarity-Diamond-BJKY8E The reason being that its my absolute favorite polisher and they always cut the most stunning ideal make diamonds. If you compare the diamonds side by side: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/compare?diamonds=KHDM4U,4GJT14,5UMAUA,H4H17Q,5DV37D,H5888Q,BJKY8E You'll see the size difference is negligible. I think the 1.75 H VS1 is best bang for your buck, and overall the best make out of the options you've presented. Because of its size, runner up would be: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/Round/GIA-Certified-1,91-Carat-I-Color-VS2-Clarity-Diamond-H4H17Q I appreciate the other experts advice on this one as well... I am having a hard time picking between these diamonds myself.
  16. I agree with Davide, VVS2 is "overkill" - BUT - some diamond polishers will lower their price on an I VVS2 as it is "overkill" so the price can be very slightly higher than a VS stone. There are diamond polishers around the world doing this, even listing the diamond as a VS1 when its actually a VVS... Ive seen this more and more over the last two years. When I asked the diamond polishers why this was the case, they said a VS is more marketable than a VVS. I see this even more frequently with IF stones, being sold as VS1! But as Davide said - we can help you identify which SI1/SI2 diamonds are 100% eye clean. Further we can certainly guarantee eye cleanliness of a diamond as should any online retailer. I tend to stay away from SI2 diamond as eye clean usually = milky diamonds, which does in fact impact a diamonds beauty in a negative way (in my opinion). One of the things I love most about the other gentleman and ladies on this forum is we are all advocates of saving money and unlocking value.
  17. Hi there! Both links you posted are to the same diamond Joshua
  18. I personally never sell diamonds that I only consider excellent to my clients (company policy is to only recommend ideal and super ideal diamonds). When we work with clients we only sell diamonds that face up white or slightly off white. Its important to work with a reputable diamond dealer and jeweler, who will protect you from diamonds that dont face up white. I recommend GIA diamonds that face up white from D-J color. Cut quality plays a major role in this. Id say option #2 is your best bet if choosing between the three. The third option goes to show you that pricing is indiscriminate of cut. The AGA cut grade chart is a really helpful tool to help you shop without ASET and IdealScope images, I cant share a link to it because of forum rules but you should google search "aga cut grade chart" and you will find the chart. [Edited by Moderator - Violation of Forum Rules]
  19. 1.02 I VS2 : GIA Report : 6167565308 - Excellent Cut 1.01 I VS2 GIA Report : 2186571725 - Ideal Cut (not perfect, not super ideal) 1.01 VS2 GIA Report :7178401006 - Very poorly cut These are my opinions on these diamonds and their "make/cut quality." What are the asking prices on these diamonds? [Edited by Moderator - Violation of Forum Rules]
  20. I have some stats and videos on the diamond that Adiamor might not be sharing. I think the diamond is better than very good. By my standard its considered Ideal (not super ideal, but ideal). Dont waste money on F and IF, drop in color and clarity (H VS2 is a great place to be) and you might even find a bigger diamond for less or save the money and put it in a college fund, kitchen fund, honeymoon etc etc etc.
  21. Super Ideal SHOULD BE more than just depth and table! We determine (as you should) a diamonds ideality or super ideality by the all the data in the proportions of the diamond NOT JUST DEPTH AND TABLE! I would put no value on Max's diamond price guide personally. I would use the diamondreview diamond search tool to help see a major portion of the online diamond world's pricing. Also the pricing many online retailers list are DISCOUNTED if you come through diamondreview (by clicking a diamond in the diamond search engine). I also respectfully disagree with you in regards to Russia - the location of the mine has nothing to do with the funds acquired by Russia - the funds are used to fund the conflict in Ukraine (as far as I know) and to me thats a major issue - those diamonds are not conflict free as Brilliant Earth is claiming. Also, Russia has a terrible track record when it comes to Human Rights, your money goes to funding their bigotry. Im not sure how BE can even pretend that these diamonds are conflict free. I personally help clients find Canadian diamonds all the time - you are paying a premium for that though. Canadian diamonds are just more expensive. Your questions and post have inspired me to begin removing all Russian origin diamonds from my companies website!
  22. Davide nailed it. Im totally fine with fluorescence on all levels as long as you are working with a jeweler and INDEPENDENT APPRAISER who can confirm the diamond is not negatively impacted in any way (besides price ) by the diamonds fluorescence. I think its important to note that diamonds can exhibit haziness and milkiness without fluorescence. If you are working with a reputable online jeweler they should always tell you about these problems.
  23. Unfortunately that still isn't enough info, like I mentioned earlier BE has a fairly loose standard when it comes to "super ideal" from my research. As far as price goes, Im seeing super ideal (really super ideal) 1 carat, E VS2's for approx $6500. So you are paying quite the premium as far as online prices go. Also, I know the BE markets Russian diamonds as "conflict free" and not to start a discussion about geo-politics but have you seen whats going on in Russia? BE is very good at taking a fairly standard product from the wholesale market (we happen to sell Russian diamonds as well) and mark them up drastically. But you can find these Russian diamonds on pretty much every online retailer's website, but very few of us market them as such, same goes for Canadian diamonds. If we had more specs on the make of these diamonds (something found on the GIA certificate) it would be much easier to give an opinion on which is the better of the two. As far as price - you can certainly do much much better on both. My take is, you should be scrutinizing the heck out of the attributes. All diamonds are not created equal.
  24. I'm thinking bow-tie as well - but I concur with Neil - make a visit to an INDEPENDENT appraiser. I stress the word independent - they should not be selling anything besides their appraisal services.
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