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  1. I just wanted to post feedback to my recent (POSITIVE) experience with Enchanted Diamoands. Please note: I did not buy a diamond with them, as it was purchased by someone else before I could make up my mind, but their efforts to help me research, educate and locate options for stones was incredible! 1. I worked via online chat and email with a representative named Meredith. She was very knowledgeable, helpful, prompt with communication and went through extra efforts to provide me with as MANY options as possible for my budget and diamond parameters (providing me with excel spreadsheet lists of stone specs and pics upon request). 2. They were willing to work on prices and negotiated even below their listed prices (which are hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars less than other online retailers). 3. They have a return policy for domestically-sourced stones. Other stones (say from India) may be less expensive, but do not qualify for their return policy. Still, they will provide you with pictures and video before you buy, so that's about as good of an option as someone buying "sight unseen" (in a sense) could get. 4. I'm not a trained professional, but over the past 2 years of diamond research, I have learned much and also learned a lot about how online and brick-and-mortar stores treat seemingly "uneducated" diamond consumers. Meredith NEVER treated me as such, even though she did not know my diamond background. Right from the start, she communicated in professional terms and gave accurate and TRUTHFUL information. It says a lot about a seller when you know they are giving you straight forward and truthful information. Again, the stone I wanted was sold before I was able to pull the trigger and I have chosen to put my search on hold for a while so that I can get exactly what I want in my next stone. BUT, I will continue to utilize the resources of Enchanted Diamonds until "that" stone comes on the market. Happy shopping for those of you who are on the hunt and thank you Meredith.
  2. Thank you and good luck with your purchase! Enjoy the hunt!
  3. One last stupid question: when I went to "content moderation" on the post to delete it, I was told "You don't have admin rights to do that." Any tips on deleting a post?
  4. I can't seem to edit the subject line of my diamond classifid ad (want to lower asking price I put in the subject line). Is there a way to edit this or do I need to delete the post and start over? If so, how do I delete it? Sorry for the stupid question...I should know this, but I just can't seem to get it figured out. Thanks for the help!
  5. Upgrading from my current engagement stone but need to sell it first. This was originally purchased years ago through Blue Nile. The stone is currently sitting for consignment sale with a local jewer, but I wanted to offer it to this audience as well - so many more "shoppers" than just my local area! Certificates/Photos Included Below: -GIA Certificate -AGS Sarin Report -Professional photo of inclusions (since SI1 can make some buyers nervous) -Brilliant Scope report showing the Very High/High/High ratings on the stone's brilliance GIA Specs: Cut: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Polish: Excellent Color: F (colorless) Clarity: SI1 Depth: 61.6% Table: 56% Flor: Faint "AGS 0" stone = "AGS 0" is the IDEAL CUT as defined by the American Gem Society (see AGS report below). Excellent Cut Grade makes this Round Brilliant appear bigger than its 1.12ct! Incredible sparkle and optics! Asking: $8000.00 OBO Please feel free to ask ANY questions or make a reasonable offer. Message me using the message feature in this forum. Thank you and happy shopping!
  6. I'm an amatuer diamond enthusiast (aka: not an expert), but I know enough to suggest that the price difference may be due to the different certificates. EGL is held in much lower regard to GIA, so THAT alone may be the reason. It may also mean that the EGL stone would be rated a lower color quality and clarity quality if submitted to GIA for the same review. Wait to get the input from an actual expert on here, but that's what jumped out at me. Good luck!
  7. Gents- THANK YOU for the quick and informative reponses! I appreciate the insight on my questions. I agree that the "sale" is merely a ploy to entice a faster purchase by someone. I would hopefully negotiate the "sale" price or better if bought. But, I do have one followup question: The $13900 (or today's price pf $12800) includes the setting. I would probably scrap the setting and just use the stone. Is that a fair price for such a stone or overpriced in your opinion? I guess what I'm asking is: how much of the cost would this type of solitaire setting account for? Thanks again! This forum is an incredible asset!
  8. Greetings! I've been looking at this diamond online for weeks now and would like to get some expert input. I'm very leary about purchasing an oval sight-unseen, but there is a return policy, so I'm willing to consider this ring/stone. Here are my concerns: 1. SI2 CLARITY: It "looks" clean for the most part. What am I missing? Might it appear more cloudy in person? 2.CUT QUALITY: Ovals don't have cut grades, but the specs/numbers on this seem not great and possible worse. Its seems VERY deeply cut. Any idea what an estitmated cut grade would be by the specs alone? 3. PRICE: I don't necessarily need the 14K setting, but it's a package deal. Is $13,900 a fair price for this ring? (it's on sale for $12800 today for Valentines Day, but will go back to $13900 tomorrow). I'm not in ANY rush, so I can pass on this stone if there are other stones that are comparable in price and specs (just haven't found any yet). ANY input would be helpful! Pictures and GIA Cert are attached. Thank you... GIA CERT SPECS: 2.02 Oval Brilliant 9.47 x 6.90 x 4.81 G SI2 Polish: GOOD Symmetry: VERY GOOD Flor: N/A Comments: A cloud not shown. Surface graining is not shown. Table: 58% Depth: 69.7% Cutlet: small
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