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    Glad you knew my last post was mostly for a laugh, Gerry. I'm aware from this site and others that gia is the reliable evaluation. If I were buying a modern cut online, I would go with a 3xgia whiter diamond, using only one of the recommended vendors with a good return policy. With the old cuts, I've also learned, one needs to see the stone in person. I didn't want to buy a stone, send it back, buy another if I could avoid it, so I sought some help with that. Also sought input before commiting to the stone. I still have a little time before I'm actually commited. So if anyone has a great, cheaper oec that's a no-risk deal, I'd certainly be interested. As to price, I looked at all the recommended vendors of old cuts from this site and others. This stone is a fair price in comparison. Some people go the Ebay, ect. route and save money, but I don't think I have the nerves for that. There are only a few Ebay vendors I would want to deal with, and their diamonds aren't cheap either. Thanks for your input, Gerry. I appreciate you experts who are here to help.
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    It is really an amazing stone. Never seen anything like it. So much fire, flash, and sparkle. Actually, I think the EGL rating is accurate in this case. Very clean, even with a loupe, and not too much color in person. Looking at a color chart, K looks accurate. I think if I were a better photographer, you could see the great faceting, a great cut so far as my knowledge takes me. No doubt there are better deals for those who aren't afraid of dealing with unknown vendors. I just don't have the nerves for that. Compared to available stones with reliable vendors, this seems to be a fair price. Not a steal by any means, but fair. That said, I'm no expert. That's why I'm here. If anyone has seen some good deals out there, I'd sure be interested. I have a little time before making a final decision.
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    How Do You Photograph

    Thanks. Will take a look.
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    Oec Cert

    D, you are right. I just have to get over the fact that with old cuts there is the risk of having to do a return.
  6. AnnaH

    Still Trying--Sorry! Oec Video

    I agree. I kept pausing.
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    Oec Cert

    EGL USA cert with more numbers: 1.36, K, VS1 7.03x7x4.64 Depth: 66.1 Table: 42 Crown: 18.7 Pavilion: 45.5 Girdle: thin Cutlet: small Polish and symmetry: good No fluorescence Couldn't post the pics. However, they weren't very helpful anyway. In one the center looked dark, and in the other it wasn't face on and couldn't see the pattern. Vendor says it is a good oec.
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    Help Posting Photos

    Sorry to be so tech disabled. Can't figure out how to post vendor photos from my Email. Any help is appreciated. I tried to copy and paste and tried to save to computer and attach. Message said couldn't attach.
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    Still Trying--Sorry! Oec Video

    Gotcha. I will ask.
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    Still Trying--Sorry! Oec Video

    This is the old cut 1.36, K, VS1 7.03x7.00x4.61 66.1 depth 42 table polish and sym=good tn girdle small culet No cert Just learning about old cuts but know it is especially necessary to see in person. Just trying to avoid purchases and returns as much as possible. What would you want before making a decision? Still photos, etc. Input is much appreciated. thanks
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    Oec Video. Hope This Works.

    Mistake. Please see newer post for video. Thanks.
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    Still Trying--Sorry! Oec Video

    Apologies. I could niether edit nor delete the old try.
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    Oec Video. Hope This Works. Hope this works. Thanks for any input.
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    Sorry to be so computer challenged. I can't seem to copy and paste a youtube video of the diamond. Would love to get input. Any suggestions? Thanks. I am going to try to save to my computer and then attach.
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    Good question. No cert but a trustworthy vendor. You will probably recognize the vendor when and if I can figure out how to post the video.