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    Alma, I suggest that you start a new topic with your question so that you can get some good input. I'm no expert but prefer the large facets of the oec and the big flashes of color. My oec is very full of fire and sparkle, but I think that is true of any very well-cut round.
  2. Annie


    Love that setting! I'd like something like that for my 7mm. Not sure I'd want a full bezel, though. It wouldn't even have to be platinum.
  3. Annie


    That's a beauty for sure, but considerably over my preferred budget. I really like that mounting and would love to see a side shot before you sell her. Wish I could get such a great shot. I understand it takes practice. I'm really partial to the small table--my 42% is awesome.
  4. Annie


    Ha! What was it about my post that brought that out of the woodwork? FYI: Local gemologist saw the diamond in person yesterday and thought that it was great, easily VS1, and a little higher color than k. Others on another diamond site (who are into the old cuts) were also very complimentary and thought the price was fair. By the way, are there any rules about nudie avatars?
  5. Annie


    These are a little larger pics. The photos were taken on a stark white background if that explains anything about the color. Any additional comments are appreciated.
  6. Annie


    One more thing. Is just under 6k a fair price? In person, the diamond is stunning. Very bright and sparkling. Thanks so much for input.
  7. Annie


    Another pic. Photos aren't great but, hopefully, good enough for opinions.
  8. Annie


    Opinions appreciated. EGL USA 1.36 VS1 K 66.1 depth 42 table 18.7 crown 45.5 pavilion good symmetry and polish no fluorescence small culet thin girdle 7.03x7x4.64
  9. Annie

    How Do You Photograph

    How do you get clear photos and videos of a diamond? Thanks for any input.
  10. Annie


    I've just started learning about the old cuts from previous posts here and elsewhere. What do you think about these numbers? 1.36, K, VS1 7.03X7.00X4.61 66.1 depth 42 table Polish and symmetry--good girdle--thin small culet I understand that an old cut, more than modern cuts, needs to be seen. I have a youtube video but don't know how to post it here or if it is allowed. Thanks!
  11. Annie

    Worth Difference In Price?

    Is the JA diamond worth the price difference?!/loose-diamonds/round-cut/0.90-carat-I-color-VS2-clarity-Excellent-cut-sku-183196 Thanks again.!/loose-diamonds/round-cut/0.90-carat-I-color-VS2-clarity-Excellent-cut-sku-183196
  12. Annie

    Quality Round Stone?

    I did want a heart but saw a setting that I think looks better with round. I wanted a heart for a different look. The setting is enough difference. There isn't much encouragement for a heart.
  13. Annie

    Diamond Finder

    I think I understand.
  14. Annie

    Best Season To Buy Loose Diamonds?

    Good to know. Thanks.
  15. When are the best or better times of year to purchase loose diamonds, particularly online? Thanks for any input.