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  1. After much perusing online and hemming and hawing, I've found an OEC that interests me greatly and we've entered into price negotiations. Yay! It's a reputable vendor, JbEG (I hope I'm allowed to share that). However, the stone does not have a certification per se. Instead, it has a "Qualitative Pre-sale Report" from David Atlas. Assuming that we purchase the stone, once it arrives, should I send it to a lab for certification or an appraisal or neither? Or, do I only do these things once I've decided to keep the stone? I have read the certification vs appraisal tutorial here but with the Pre-sale Report from David Atlas, I'm wondering if that is sufficient?
  2. As Davide pointed out, that's not the stone I looked at, however, it does bring a question to my mind: When looking at OECs, are there proportions that I should avoid (more specific than too shallow or too deep). A general rule of thumb for OECs, something like HCA for round brilliants....if the depth and table are X%, don't even bother looking at it. Hope my question makes sense.
  3. Oh wow, that never even occurred to me! I wish I had thought of that when viewing the stone. I bet you're right about it.
  4. Thanks for the reply Davide, It could be that I lack the language to accurately describe what I saw, and, it's safe to say that I definitely lack the expertise. The centre wasn't dark enough to be described as a nailhead...Just those two facets continued to stay mostly dark as we slowly rotated the diamond around using a plunger (that's what the jeweller called the device. The thing that works on a spring and clasps the diamond to a pencil-sized metal tube). The background would have been my hand holding the plunger against a cream coloured floor.
  5. Hi Barry and Davide, Davide - it was definitely not the kozibe effect, lol, or at least I hope I'd be able to recognize that in person. What we saw was two facets (the ones that start at the culet) were dark. I'm not sure if that counts as a window or not. As for size, I realized afterward that I should have specified the mm spread of the OEC I was looking for and not carat weight as I know that the bulk of OECs occurs below the girdle.
  6. Thought I would check in and let you know how my OEC viewing went. The jeweller brought in a 1.01 K SI1. Taking it into everyday lighting (well, fluorescent lighting), it really confirmed that I love warmer coloured diamonds and LOVE the charm and romance of the OEC cut. From what my bf and I could tell, the cut seemed quite good, it appeared to us that there was 2 lazy facets around the culet but other than that, there was excellent fire and sparkle through out. A couple of disappointments (but not really unexpected), 1 carat is smaller than I'm looking for (this one was 5.8mm wide and I'd like closer to 6.5mm, the price was high compared to online pricing at $6900, and the manager and gemologist didn't know much about OECs at all and were slightly condescending/defensive (e.g. when I commented on the two lazy facets around the culet, the demologist said that the culet is supposed to be there because that's what OECs are. Okay, that's not addressing what I"m talking about and then the manager blamed the lazy facets on the fact that it's a SI1. What?!) Anyway, regardless, it was a good experience, confirmed some things for me and I'm going to continue the hunt for an OEC online. Thanks for the responses, it's been very helpful.
  7. One more question - The jeweller who is bringing in the OEC for me to look at, she actually spoke to my boyfriend (not to me). When he asked for specs (e.g. colour), she said 'it's just being graded now'. Now I know this grading isn't the same as sending it to GIA or AGS etc - If we choose to buy this stone, should I request a formal grading certificate? I'm surprised that the stone didn't come with a certifcation (or perhaps it did but they're just double checking?)
  8. Good replies all. I'm too new to know when I should move quickly on a deal versus one that has a fair amount of wriggle room. That said, I finally got a jeweller to agree to bring in an OEC for this Friday as part of their trunk show promotion. I hope seeing an OEC in person will help me either decide 'YES OECs are definitely for me' or 'Hmm maybe I'm actually a RB type of girl'. Let's hope the OEC is fantastic.
  9. I hope my question doesn't offend anyone, particularly any vendors on this site. I'm in the process of shopping for my engagement ring - I'm very attracted to original vintage settings with OECs. I'm not opposed to replicas, however, I like that original settings have less environmental impact and it appeals to me that the ring has a long history. Moving on to my question, I've viewed a lot of rings online - where I live, there are few options for viewing vintage rings in person. Is it possible to negotiate online prices? If so, is there a general rule of thumb as to how much (%) can be negotiated? I realize this could be a difficult question to answer, assuming vendors have different profit margins.
  10. Thank you for the reply davidelevi. I don't get hits with 'old european' because it's not enough characters (I guess 'old' isn't), however, I got a lot of hits using just 'european'....long story short, I'm off the races now and have many threads to sort through and read. Thanks to both of you
  11. Thank you for the reply. I tried 'euro' but came up with my own thread, hahaha! I'm just surprised that it's not getting any other hits. To clarify, I'm not looking for ads for stones, just want to add to my OEC education. I've spent a lot of time on pricescope however I wanted to see if there are other perspectives/attitudes on OECs.
  12. Hello! I'm a new member, I joined so I could search for information on OECs. Using the search bar hasn't turned up anything for me. I've tried OEC, old european, old cuts as terms but NOTHING. It's very possible that I"m doing something wrong, any tips please? Thank you
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