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  1. I've decided to get a smaller pair then save the money to upgrade the ring. Can you please help - which ones should I choose? All stones have been confirmed as eye-clean. The first one seems to have the best pricing, but poorer HCA score. What do you think? https://myapps.gia.edu/ReportCheckPortal/getReportData.do?&reportno=2131379471&weight=.9 GIA E color, xxx, HCA 2.7 $5,000 https://myapps.gia.edu/ReportCheckPortal/getReportData.do?&reportno=1146129416&weight=.91 GIA E color, xxx, HCA 1.4 $5300 https://myapps.gia.edu/ReportCheckPortal/getReportData.do?&reportno=2141850438&weight=.90 GIA F color, xxx, HCA 1.0 $5100 https://myapps.gia.edu/ReportCheckPortal/getReportData.do?&reportno=5146015694&weight=.90 GIA F color, xxx, HCA 0.8 $4950 THANKS!!!
  2. Good evening, I am looking at these two stones, both share similar basic characteristics E color, SI1, triple ex cut, no flourescene, from the same vendor however the second one carries a $1K higher price tag. Can you advise what might be the reasons for the add'l price tag? Does the second it look much better in IRL to justify the pricing difference? They both are eye clean. https://myapps.gia.edu/ReportCheckPortal/getReportData.do?&reportno=2136157155&weight=1.19 https://myapps.gia.edu/ReportCheckPortal/getReportData.do?&reportno=2145503077&weight=1.19 Thanks VG238
  3. Pls assist. I tried but could't use the attach file at the bottom of my post to include a 235KB image to the post.
  4. Thanks again. I think I am ready to go shopping Will be back to share what I found.
  5. Thank you, David and George. Really appreciate the comments. I am taking the advices and will consider SI1 in my search. Will any SI1 diamond be cloudy? Also I am very petite (wear clothing size 2) will a ~7mm be too large for me or too uncomfortable for daily wear? I like icy white diamonds and I think I will settle with an E or D.
  6. Hello, I am in the market for a pair of ~2 CTW round diamond. I have a G color ring, my two sisters each has a F and a D color ring, so I can really see the difference although they are all white diamonds, as we girls always compare :). Therefore I think I am going with a GIA cert with D color, triple ex cut. To receive the best price I am planing an online purchase with a reputable vendor. What I am not sure are: 1. Whether to go with a VS2 or SI1 clarify (less than a carat for VS2 or full carat for a SI1?). 2. I have heard not all Excellent cuts are the same. What should I be looking in terms of narrowing down other measurements to find the pair that is sparky and bright? I am excited to look but at the same time am overwhelmed. Any guidances and inputs would be greatly appreciated. V
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