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    Man Made Diamonds Help!!

    I went through the sites you'd given me and you're right it is quite difficult - most of those sites were for fancy stones and I'm after a white stone. Before today I was looking to purchase from sona diamond jewelery or Mia Donna but now don't think I should. I don't think I'm going to have much luck finding what I'm after in a synthetic diamond. Thanks for your help though
  2. Natj87

    Man Made Diamonds Help!!

    Oh thank you do much I will look into it now Much appreciated!
  3. Natj87

    Man Made Diamonds Help!!

    Hi, I really could use some help in finding a company that sells a good quality man made diamond. I've always wanted a conflict free diamond (plus the price for my partner and I is much more affordable) however everytime we are about to make a purchase I find a review stating my ring will be a CZ despite the site advising otherwise. Now I am worried and really confused as to which site to buy from. I'm from Australia and the market here for what I am after is extremely limited. I do not want moissanite as personally it looks a little fake! Can anyone help??? It would be much appreciated