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  1. Hi Neil and Davide, Just for inform both of you that at the end I bought the diamond ring from the website Bluenile , (because more easy for shipment to HK ) and I just recieved it today ! It is really amazing...even better than what I was thinking ..and even the packaging is great . Also the delivery was perfect in time like they Im and in particular my girfriend is very very very Happy 100% SATISFIED !! Just for your info I bouth the diamond : 0.6 kt , Vs2 , E , cut excellent, florescence none, symmetry excellent (with GIA certificate) I really want o say THANKS A LOT to both of you, because with your answered , and suggestions, you helped me a lot..more than a lot ! I consider me very lucky for to find so gentlemans and professional person in this website ! Thanks again for all your help that you gave me ! And...if you pass trought Italy...both of you are more than welcome for a good dinner !!! Thanks again and hope to see you again! (hope not for another engagemnt ring ahahahah) but maybe for an upgrade again again thanks Paolo
  2. Hi again to everybody, finally im near to buy the solitarie, about the diamond I decided for a 0.59 kt VS1 F Now I have the last question..I hope,... Can a "normal" person see the differences from gold 14 kt or 18 kt ? by normal eyes looks different? where I can see the differences by eyes ? I ask this..because I want to buy the set ring ( diamond+ring) but im quite sure that before or later maybe my girfriend would like to change the set (ring) with anotherone... so in this case..less I spend..less I will loose... ( hope you understand my meanings) If I buy 14kt I will say she will be more free in the future to change with another design that like more. Because the more important thingh is the stone...I not want that maybe the design I decide..she not like very very much...and in the same time I not want buy only the stone..I prefer all the ring made. Hope you can give me some suggestion and opinion thanks again for your help Paolo
  3. sorry ..again another question.. if I buy a setting solitarie ring, and after 1 or 2 years my girlfriend want to change only the ring ,( i think the correct word is "the setting" but not sure..) I mean we put the diamond on another solitarie ring , is more easy to resell the ring if it is in gold or platin ? (just the ring without stone) I ask this, because the diamond is forever...but maybe after some years she would like to exchange the ring with a more nice or different shape of ring . I know that for the gold there are no problem because all the shops are interested to exchange, because the can fuse the gold easily ...but I know nothingh about platin.. and about value ? gold and platin after some years mantein the same value in percent, or maybe gold better or the opposite ? im sure that in both cases we wil loose money, but I do not know if I will losse more money resseeling the gold ring or platin ring Thanks again for your patient Paolo
  4. Thanks Davide ! everythingh is clear . now im checking just other website where find competitive price and in particular if they accept shipment in Hongkong ...( so I can save duty, vat ) If you can suggest other reiable website...will be apreciated And for your opinion to buy directly from a hongkong shop ( real shop) can be cheaper ? Im quite sure no...because they have more cost exc..exc.... but just I ask a confirmation.. thanks Paolo
  5. Thanks again ! You can not immagine how im feeling better to read your comments !! sooo usefull !! Now I'm checking the stone based on your advise. The only my concern now is to be sure that the diamond will be not in yellow shade.. We saw in some real shop some diamonds that ,even by eyes, you can see the yellow shade..and we absolutely do NOT like ... Which caratteristic in particular I have to check for to be sure about the very white shade ? If possible I would like to know also your opinion about the ring material : gold 18k or platinum ? I know that there is a quite big difference in price.. but on the finger you can recognize the difference ? true that the platinum is very easy to scratch ? is also true that the platinum become "old" faster than gold ? somebody told me that the platinum looks nice only in the begin, but after will loose the shine... ( but just chatting with friends not like we say in italy "bar - chatting" " ... Thanks again ..and sorry for post too many questions... Paolo
  6. Thanks Davide for your answer. Im lucky that my girfriend likes the diamond size not more than 0,50 .... so I have to looking for about this size. About B2C im not afraid that the shipment will be lost...but just to be sure that they really ship...and if they ship same quality as I orderd ( I have this doubt only because I can not find nobody had experience with them) By the way Im often in China for work, so for me is fine to recieve the shipment in Italy or china or even better hongkong (because if I understand duty and tax free) By the way if somebody would like to suggest me other reliable and competitive in prices website...will be very apreciated .. thanks again Paolo
  7. Thanks again for you fast and very usefull answered. I didn't realize that exisit that special line (signature) ...and the 40% come out if you compare the first 2 link I posted you before . ( 1 stone cost 3055 usd and the other 2149 usd ) So the differences is 906 usd ...and if I understand right, major is because the "signature" line ( and maybe a little for BN name..) About your question, Im looking to buy a solitarie ring for my girlfriend , and I started to read somethingh on internet , about how to choose the good diamond . Frankly speaking Im looking for E/vvs2 only because for what I read seems very good caratteristic... but is also true that I do not know if I can realize with my eyes the differences example with a H/vs2 (just for example) I told a really beginner about diamonds...but I would like to buy a very good quality for her , that can have a very good "light, briliance and shine " on the finger . (and you know..the girls would like to see it a LOTTTTT ) But for sure..if you have other suggestion .....thanks an other dubt, is if maybe the B2C site is real or fake....means that I not want to pay..and maybe recieve nothingh or recieve different low quality .. ( just because i never found nobody trustable that really bought somethingh there) By the way..also sorry for my bad english...but Im Italian.. thanks again Paolo
  8. Dear Denver, thanks a lot for all your explanation, really really really apreciated ! I start to inform you that im a really beginner about diamond....just I read somethingh from internet ... so sorry if maybe I write some wrong thinghs . Example I would like if you can have a look and a comment about this 2 diamonds from 2 different website : for my understanding ..they are very very similar ( i do not know if 100% same..) but the prices are very different . I a maybe I can not realize some important differences.. and I will be greatefull a lot if you can write me your personal opinion about this . as you see there are about 1000$ difference, and in a lot. Another question, both website say that the diamond are GIA certificated , and for example I do not know if means that they have the "laser code" ? I mean , all the diamond with GIA certificate have the laser code on the diamond ? Thanks again for your help and time Paolo
  9. Hello to everybody , Im looking for to buy a solitarie diamond ring , and I found very very competitive prices on the website b2cjewels . I tryed to looking for some review in internet about this website , but I not found somethingh very clear .. I mean I found some review, but only very few and from very new users , with only 1 review.... some...seems like advertising..and not real review .. You know I am worried to buy a diamond online, in particular from a website not so famous.. also because if I compared 1 diamond, same same same same full caratteristic ( size, clariry, color, exc..exc..) with other websites .... and the b2cjewels seems very very convinient.. and sometimes is not a good thingh when you find very big differences about same article from different competitors... Im speaking about 30% 40% cheaper... I think there is somethingh strange...but I do not know .. Somebody can help me ??? who had experiences with this website ? who saw review ? Where ? thanks a lot for all the person can help me to understand