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  1. ronk15a

    Can you verify this for me?

    Neil: Hmmmmmm. Great point: .69 and a .71 is a huge difference in price. 😵 OP: The stone is not round - Its kinda baroque looking (pearl talk) The stone is not brilliant (diamond talk) The stone is not I (maybe I3) The stone is not H (without mentioning salt/pepper) & Grey Just my opinion....
  2. ronk15a

    How is the Lab Grown Diamonds?

    Davide, Neil: So grateful for you guys...learned so much over the years. 😁 P.S. Happy holidays: Wishing you all the very best. Health, Wealth & Happiness. R.K.
  3. ronk15a

    How is the Lab Grown Diamonds?

    Yehuda Sherlock Holmes & Gemlogis: CVD / HPHT Synthetic Diamonds Tester / Screener Currently using both. 😉
  4. ronk15a

    How is the Lab Grown Diamonds?

    lol....miss you guys!
  5. ronk15a

    How is the Lab Grown Diamonds?

    There is (almost) no secondary market for synthetics…CVD or HPHT. Retail yes. Wholesale No! To find a buyer of synthetic is near impossible. (in the trade) ie: wholesaler
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    Opinion Needed 1.5

    nothing wrong with a simple: (below) that's cool too! 57/34.5 15 40.6/61.5 none thin to medium 50/80
  12. ronk15a

    Opinion Needed 1.5

    FWIW: Out of the two I would go with the first one. The 59% over 60.1% - Will be bright (I love brightness) only second to transparency. (ice cold water)! Davide’s analogy!! Nice one Davide… The 60.1% TD will allow for a nice spread without sacrificing any optics/performance. FWIW2: It’s also very close to a 60/60 (one of my fav’s) in regards to T&D – IMHO *The angles work well here!
  13. ronk15a

    Comparing Two Oval Diamonds Just Over 1 Carat

    I would also add: decide who to trust, because opinions are more like eyes than noses (everybody's got at least two). Unless your a cyclops
  14. Furthermore I would suspect that most if not all; highly skilled, well trained gemologists cannot tell the difference between VVS1 and VVS2 definitively using a 10x loupe only. Conservatively the best grade I ever give large diamonds 1+ carater and more without a microscope is VS1. Pushing it further is just soft…IMO FWIW: Unless it’s made by an important marker like VCA, Cartier, Tiffany, Webb, Buccellati, Heyman, etc…and the stones are “diamond melee†I can go VS/ VVS –which is standard catalog/descriptor practice. Regards R.K.