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  1. Neil: Hmmmmmm. Great point: .69 and a .71 is a huge difference in price. 😵 OP: The stone is not round - Its kinda baroque looking (pearl talk) The stone is not brilliant (diamond talk) The stone is not I (maybe I3) The stone is not H (without mentioning salt/pepper) & Grey Just my opinion....
  2. Davide, Neil: So grateful for you guys...learned so much over the years. 😁 P.S. Happy holidays: Wishing you all the very best. Health, Wealth & Happiness. R.K.
  3. Yehuda Sherlock Holmes & Gemlogis: CVD / HPHT Synthetic Diamonds Tester / Screener Currently using both. 😉
  4. There is (almost) no secondary market for synthetics…CVD or HPHT. Retail yes. Wholesale No! To find a buyer of synthetic is near impossible. (in the trade) ie: wholesaler
  5. nothing wrong with a simple: (below) that's cool too! 57/34.5 15 40.6/61.5 none thin to medium 50/80
  6. FWIW: Out of the two I would go with the first one. The 59% over 60.1% - Will be bright (I love brightness) only second to transparency. (ice cold water)! Davide’s analogy!! Nice one Davide… The 60.1% TD will allow for a nice spread without sacrificing any optics/performance. FWIW2: It’s also very close to a 60/60 (one of my fav’s) in regards to T&D – IMHO *The angles work well here!
  7. I would also add: decide who to trust, because opinions are more like eyes than noses (everybody's got at least two). Unless your a cyclops shark...lol
  8. Furthermore I would suspect that most if not all; highly skilled, well trained gemologists cannot tell the difference between VVS1 and VVS2 definitively using a 10x loupe only. Conservatively the best grade I ever give large diamonds 1+ carater and more without a microscope is VS1. Pushing it further is just soft…IMO FWIW: Unless it’s made by an important marker like VCA, Cartier, Tiffany, Webb, Buccellati, Heyman, etc…and the stones are “diamond melee†I can go VS/ VVS –which is standard catalog/descriptor practice. Regards R.K.
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