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  1. I have to agree, there is no rush to jump into a deeper partnership if you are enjoying each others company right within its midst. My partner and I are together for almost 5 years already and I don't think that there is anything close to a proposal coming on. Though I am not saying that it is not a possibility. Again, you should be right with what you are now if you are happy with it. No need to complicate things if things are working well.
  2. I think that the only way people are going with that "ring in the box" kind of thing as it seems to have been a growing tradition already. I have no problems with that and the only thing that is holding me back from liking it as much is the idea of having the man hold onto it. Not that I would want some fancy thing to go down but that just feels a lot personal for me.
  3. I have to agree, there are very well a lot of things to consider first before making the purchase and as much as buying a ring online can ever be a tough challenge in a number of ways, it will be made easy if there are a few personal experiences right here. And I admire that you are able to get one over it but I am not sure with the authenticity and its quality either.
  4. Your best bet is talking to a Tacori dealer to help you with this. Resizing is pretty common for any wedding band so I see no issue with this. Though you could take a number of routes to get it done. If the size is considerable, I guess the only option would be to put a gap right within the band so it will accommodate more space, but not a lot of people fancy that thinking that may be the cause of some marriages cracking down.
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