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  1. Encore DT

    In Need Of An Expert Opinion

    Question - given the fact that 2 and 3 are not likely to be big price movers in this case, when have you seen 1 and 4 cause a drastic difference in price between two comparable diamonds? I have yet to encounter something like that...
  2. Encore DT

    In Need Of An Expert Opinion

    I was looking at both of these reports this morning and I thought I was just having an off day because I don't see anything worth a £400 difference in price. So I'm with davidelevi on this one - ask to see both diamonds or, better yet, ask one of their reps to explain the difference to you. I will say that for us, in some cases, certain comparable diamonds that you would expect to cost the same, do vary in price, but NOT by £400. I'd say we experience a variance of up to 25-50 euro at most, depending on the supplier and other requirements we present them with.
  3. And if, for whatever reason, they limit you to using an appraiser in Texas, a good place to start looking is the American Gem Society. There you can search by state or zip code. And I agree with the comment on shipping. We have plenty of customers who ask us to ship all kinds of diamond jewelry to, say, New York, so that they can forward it to the Cayman Islands or somewhere in Europe. There are different reasons why they do it this way, but we are always open to doing it.
  4. Encore DT

    B2C Jewels? Are They Legit? Shopping For 4.01 Rb.

    I personally have heard nothing but good things about B2C and would feel safe buying from them.
  5. Encore DT

    Sorry For So Many Topics But Which Diamond?

    I don't see substantial enough of a difference between the two diamonds to advise one way or another, other than the fact that one of them is no longer available and doesn't show a price. Both E and F color will show clear, GIA VS1 and VS2 will not have any inclusions visible to the naked eye. Theoretically speaking, if they were both available, and especially considering the 30-day return policy, I'd just say go for the one with the lower price tag.
  6. A quick note about "shopping at home": keep in mind that, if you purchase a diamond online and decide to return it, most companies will make you pay for return shipping, and shipping diamonds back and forth is generally not cheap. So if you are on such a tight budget, I would suggest finding a reputable jeweler. A local jeweler should be able to show you some eye clean SI1/SI2 diamonds, as well as VS1 and VS2.
  7. Encore DT

    Questions About Canadian Diamond For Engagement

    If I understand correctly, BE also charges a premium because of their claim of "ethical sourcing", which is nothing more than marketing. Nowadays, most retailers I know purchase Kimberley diamonds. I produce all of my stuff in Italy and I couldn't get a conflict diamond even if I tried If you notice, they are also making the following claim - "Certified by GIA". Since when does GIA certify diamonds, or, GOD FORBID, retailers who sell them? Just like Tiffany, Harry Winston and others in this category, BE is a reputable company and they charge a premium for doing business with them. I think their prices have less to do with the Canadian origin and more to do with their business model.
  8. Encore DT

    Advice On A Round .90/i - Si1 Excellent

    I don't see anything wrong with it per se. GIA stones are graded based on factors such as polish, symmetry, fire and scintillation, and not based on the retailer (Tiffany, Birks, etc...). As with any diamond (and especially an SI2 or below), you will want to make sure to have it inspected by a trusted appraiser to make sure that the inclusions are not compromising its performance or durability.
  9. Encore DT

    Advice Needed: Too Good To Be True?

    I'm with denverappraiser on this one...the whole deal doesn't sound right. Theoretically speaking, if you're dealing with a "criminal", then he could even be using the report on a different stone and presenting it to you with this one, hoping that you will not tell the difference. There are a million ways this deal could go wrong, and the fact that he is making you pay cash is not making matters any better.
  10. Encore DT

    Advice Needed: Too Good To Be True?

    Just realized that I did not complete my thought...what I meant to say was that, if budget is an issue, I recommend going with a smaller diamond but sticking to at least a VS2 and a Very Good cut.
  11. Encore DT

    Advice Needed: Too Good To Be True?

    To me, buying a 4 ct diamond with a Good Cut is somewhat like buying a Hummer with a Hyundai engine. You're getting the size but you're risking performance. It's hard to say anything with certainty without seeing the diamond, but, even though with a VS2 inclusions probably will not affect performance, the Good Cut may. If it's too shallow, too deep, whatever it may be...you may be "leaking" light somewhere. When budget is an issue I generally recommend going with VS2 or higher and at least a Very Good cut. If you want to save some more, you can try an SI1/SI2, but then it's a good idea to have a trusted appraiser examine the diamond to make sure that it is eye clean, that there are no durability risks, etc... (although it's a good idea to have a trusted appraiser examine ANYTHING you're buying). And finally, with a K you're probably seeing a faint yellow. Is this intentional? If you prefer clear, consider going with a J or above.
  12. Technically speaking J and above are "colorless" to the naked eye. I generally recommend sacrificing on color and going with VS or above, although with an SI1 you should be fine too. Since you're looking for "lots of sparkle", I agree with going with a round and definitely agree with getting an Excellent cut. Ultimately, however, without seeing the diamond you cannot make an educated decision. To my knowledge, both Whiteflash and JA have an excellent return policy, so you will have 30 days to inspect or take it to an appraiser before settling.
  13. And there probably is no "risk", but I get uncomfortable when I can't inspect with my own eyes...
  14. Well, you're looking at two adjacent feathers near the surface of the stone. If it were only one small feather, not near the surface or near the girdle edge, you'd likely be fine. But in your case the durability of this stone might be questionable. Where are you buying this stone? Can you have it examined by an appraiser of your choice?
  15. Encore DT

    Has Anyone Bought Jewellry In Dubai?

    Encore. I think you're being overly harsh. The reason people generally shop at jewelers in Maui and other tourist destinations is either because they live there and want to shop with their neighbors or because they are looking for a souvenier of a visit to a fabulous place. These are fine reasons. It's probably not the best place to look for a 'bargain' but you never know, and to blanketly disparage all jewelers in a neighborhood based on one conversation with one of them is not being fair, ESPECIALLY since you're in the business. I was referring to the specific jewelry store I walked into. Given the fact that Maui is U.S. territory, I would purchase in Maui over Dubai any day, just not from that store.