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  1. Just as the title says, the search doesnt go past 181-200 results. Ive tried chrome and firebox. Restarted the computer and ran different searches. Still cant get past 200 results...
  2. I think you guys got the wrong idea..Im not planning on buying a returned or unwanted ring. Its a custom design we came up with that is a hybrid between two of his previous desisgns. I dont have pictures or any info other then what i previously stated. But I can provide pictures of a similar ring if that would help with estimating its fair value. I'm still going to look around locally and try to compare. Even though I have a feeling most retail places are going to be more expensive. Whenever I make a big purchase (this is big for me) I always try to make sure I get the best for what it's worth. Now I'm starting to wish I did research months ago and bought the diamond separately and had it mounted. That's probably the way most of you guys/gals would do it in your situations. But since I don't have the time anymore I want to make sure I get the best I can for my dollar. Thanks for the responses I appreciate the feedback!
  3. I've tried searching but I didn't get many results other then his posts and a few "clients". He is providing a GIA certification which i learned about after reading through this forum. So I guess my real question is about value..we were looking at a 1.21ct Emerald Cut Diamond – GIA Certified at G-VS1 mounted on a platinum ring. There is also a smaller diamond on each side roughly .15-.2ct. Not sure if this is the right place to get advice on this but what do you guys feel something like that is worth. Jewelry isn't my place of expertise but I'm learning and looking around trying to make sure I will be satisfied in my purchase.
  4. Im looking to buy an engagement ring and stumbled across markbroumand.com. He seems to have some really nice looking rings but Im very skeptical about buying online. The biggest problem is my knowledge of diamonds and jewelery. Ive been researching a little about the grading system and how it works but I feel like a 10 year old kid trying to purchase a new car. I am a small business owner myself and pride myself in the quality work that I do. But Ive seen many competitors take advantage of uneducated clients who could have gotten alot more bang for their buck. The rings Im looking at are between a 10-11k range and I just want to make sure I get what I pay for. Does anyone have any info on this guy, can he be trusted to do good work for a good price?
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