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  1. Good point. It's just a little frustrating. Most peole do this once or twice in their lives, so we don't have the necessary knowledge or information. I'm afraid of paralysis by analysis, and then never making a decision.
  2. Okay, another question. I saw an Emerald cut that I like. What should I look for in terms of girdle thickness? If better yet, overall deminsions?
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep shopping. I did not realize this was this difficult to get get it as close to right as you can .
  4. So, an online retailer would actually ship me the individual diamond to my inspection?
  5. Thanks for the advice and counsel. I appreciate it. Looks like I ahve a lot more work to do to get this as right as it can be.
  6. All of the advice is welcome and appreciated. It sounds like I'm not as close to purchasing as I thought I was.
  7. Thanks, Why do you like Cushion and Asscher? I've been told those don;t reflect light the same as the Round Diamond.
  8. Great advice. Thanks. What cut would you advise other than "Round"? I know my future bride likes to be different, which is why I looked at the Cushion.
  9. Thank you as always for your advice. I like the combination, but am sensitive about making an online purchase of this significance. Regarding Blue nile, I read / heard they were one of the best. Your statements seem to suggest otherwise. What has been yourexperience ot that of your customers? I'm just trying to understand. Again Thanks.
  10. I have found the setting, I think Please offer your opinion, advice and counsel before I purchase. I'm guessing about the size. Your Diamond:Very Good-cut, I-color, SI2-clarity, Cushion-Cut, 2.02-carat Diamond Stock #: LD04544354 Your Setting:Trio Princess Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/3 ct. tw.) Stock #: 20370 Size: 8$10,207 from Blue Nile.
  11. Wow. A lot to consider. My search continues.
  12. "Round", unless you suggest a better value in another shape. As I mentioned, my future fiance' in more concerned aobut how it looks, than the ring as an investment.
  13. Thanks Barry. Well now that I have that settled, in your opinion, what is the best value I can get between 5-6k? My Lady is only concerned that it "looks pretty". I'm thinking in the H, I, J Range, with as good a Cut as I can get, for as much Diamond as I can get. Any thoughts?
  14. I have been researching and trying to find the best diamond value for my money. All of a sudden I read something about diamond fluroescence and am confused whether it is a good thing or a bad when purchasing a diamond. Please help me understand this. Thanks,
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