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    I have been seeking the perfect diamond for many years and have resorted to online retailers. Generally, everyone is friendly and offers great service; however, one dealer, DIAMONDS.CA, was absolutely horrific. The "president" aka sales guy, was condescending and rude from the get-go. In my vast experience in this industry, you never want to deal with a company that isn't willing to assist you. In the long-run, they'll be the same company that won't assist you with repairs or questions (regardless of what they tell you at the time of the purchase). Be warned, stay away from this company. They may have banner ads all over Google, but they are there to take advantage of buyers, many of who need someone with a great deal of patience, expertise, and helpfulness when making one of their biggest purchases. Your best bet is to shop around online but conduct your buying in-person using someone you trust and feel comfortable with. Best of luck!