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    Feather In E Si1 0.90 Carat

    thanks alot, i shud check tat out! i will try to snap a picture of teh diamond when i drop by the jeweller store this weekend. This jeweeler store is the sole distributor of Lazare diamond in malaysia and they used this to market other gia certified diamonds on basis that they have certain standard in choosing and selling good grade diamonds. I think upon checking here at the diamond finder im definitely paying high price for this partiuclar stone but then again, i suppsoe thats almost the price i cud get in malaysia. to jan as well..pricing! I paid RM20,000 (USD6670 at current exchange rate) and i need to top up to RM 24100 (usd 8066) if i so choose the upgarde the clarity to the 2nd stone at VS2. I did earleir spotted another same spec at .90 carat EVS2 at only RM 23200 (usd 7770) but in the inclusions are crystal and cloud on the center table and immdiately upon mivrosope, i saw a tiny black dot which appears to be the cloud and crystal overlapping.
  2. yhhyap

    Feather In E Si1 0.90 Carat

    to david n jan, yes, tey allowed me to exchange the stone if need be as they havent send the current stone to thier factory for re-setting, in other words, the curernt stone is being pre-set in a 6-prong setting and i intend to re-set it in a 4-prong setting. Hence i could not posssibly get a thorough look at the diamond now that the main feather lies at the side of gridle where it is mostly blocked view by the current prong settings. I reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and i guess things back here, such as return poilicy is not widely practised as oppose to states, i used to study in state for 4 years and normally i wud buy anyting w/o much hesistation knowing that im well protected under the return policy. Also, there is very little help i can get wen it comes to an independant appraisal of the diamond. The asles person seems to be convincing me that teh stone will be fine but again my worried is valid stil on the long feather that strecthes all the way to the girdle and slightly extended up to the table according to the diamond plot.
  3. yhhyap

    Feather In E Si1 0.90 Carat

    also may i ask what does it mean by thin to slightly thick faceted under girdle on the report? tq
  4. yhhyap

    Feather In E Si1 0.90 Carat

    thanks david and jan, i appreciate your reply. can u guys look at this if this is indeed a betterbet? GIA 2116824641 size 0.90 carat VS2 this will cost me a difference of over a thousand five if i choose to switch.BUt in this i realised there is an indented natural which i read in website itis infact some dents or chips.
  5. yhhyap

    Feather In E Si1 0.90 Carat

    Hi there, I recently purchased this diamond which has several featherinclusions in it. As i do not have a scanner at home, i provide the GIA cert nohere : 6127532461 size 0.90 carat grade: SI1 After reading in website that feathers that appears slightlylarge and towards edge/girdle/surface, it should be caution that this type might pose durability issue in future.Im very concern and confuse now that my diamond seems to have the abovecharacteristic and moreover, the jeweller need to re-set the diamond to my preferredring setting.(the diamond is currently in a pre-set ring setting) Pls help in sharing your much valued views towards the abovein order help me determine if i should js change this diamond for a bettergrading one, i truly appreciate! tq, Gayle