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    Costco Diamond

    thank you davide for your reply. very helpful.
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    Costco Diamond

    Thank you Neil. I have a question, as I can still return it if I am not happy with the purchase (hence I am asking your opinion). Since I can't remove the stone and send it for an inspection, judging from the photos, with different angles, what kind of grade cut do you think it is? is it a poor/fair/good/very good? I am not asking for anything hard and fast, but just your opinion based on very bad photos. Does the polish=very good have any effect on the cutting? I am more concerned with table depth. I think in the second photo, you may be able to see a little of how much space is from the table to the girdle... not experienced at seeing what a good table depth is visually, but maybe u are since you have seen a lot? Best regards, Thank you so much again for getting back to me so quickly B.T.W. what kind of deal do you think I got? good/bad/ok? sorry, just a little insecure about this. want to give my future wife the best.
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    Costco Diamond