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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the information on goodoldgold.com because it has visuals. It helped me greatly with all the pictures. How would you guys rate this page on "near colorless" stones? here That is where I got my reference to limit myself to I color diamonds.
  2. It's ok, I understand. I hope I cleared up my vague statements and I apologize for my poor word choice. Being an engineer, words are not my forte. If I could type in binary and make sense, I would haha. Ok, cool. I definitely don't mind doing some legwork, but financing is something I will likely be interested in. Looks like I'll need to find a nice happy medium balance. Dang, some good points. Buying them both from the same place is a preference of mine, but I'll have to weigh the options once I learn from more research. Thanks. LOL!!! I think I'm able to tell the difference between a sugar cube and a VVS1, but since I haven't never done an experiment testing such, I can't say for sure haha. That's a good point. Your initial sentence is good news to me, and I do know there are exceptions. I have very good eyesight (especially with my contacts), and my color distinguishability (ha, if that's a word...) is VERY good. Fortunately for me, though, my gf rarely wears her glasses (which is probably how I was able to snag her up hahaha). Though I won't settle for anything I don't absolutely love, just because I think she won't see it. I'd feel like an awful bf if I "settled" for a stone.
  3. I think it'd be beneficial to have price boundaries in the diamond review. Not sure if it's a possible search function, but I would enjoy it.
  4. I, too, was going to suggest a search box. I think being able to search a key word(s) would be beneficial so questions aren't asked multiple times. Good suggestion!
  5. Ok, cool, that's what I was kinda thinking and hoping to hear! I understand no two stones are identical and each I/SI1 will be different, but I was trying to get a "general" picture. Thanks! Ah, I see. Yeah, I've sort of gathered that AGS is a little more tight on their cut requirements. That's good to know. Ok, that clears it up for me! Thanks! Yup, that what'll boil down to. I'm just trying to learn what I like! haha.
  6. I'm not sure what you meant by 'let pass the comment about keeping things unbiased' because what you provided was good information that I was hoping for. Furthermore, many of your other posts that I've seen are good information and unbiased. I was hoping you'd reply because I've enjoyed reading the posts I've seen of yours, and I was a bit confused by your 'disclaimer'. When I mentioned biased opinions, I was speaking more of the "oh I have a true hearts and arrows cut from jamesallen and it is the best out there!" types of comments that I may get. As I mentioned, I've been on the internet (and specifically message boards) for several years now, and am willing to bet I can navigate/sift/analyze/interpret/evaluate any and all free advice out there - call it a gift. I don't understand the comment about your age, either, as I'm not one to ignore just due to age (btw if your avatar is a picture of you, you look to be younger than my parents - they waited a while to have kids(EDIT: I'm not a great judge of age, I just went on my dad having more "salt and pepper" in his hair)), and actually to the contrary I would expect that someone "quite a bit older than me" is also quite a bit more knowledge than me, so I would be more willing to listen to them. Enough off-topc talk... Ah, ok. So AGS/GIA lab says they're excellent/ideal, specific companies like to just take it one step further? Thanks for the insight. By the sounds of it, I imagine that an untrained eye would not be able to differentiate between "more stringent" (I use quotes to paraphrase their verbiage) cuts than GIA/AGS excellent/ideal. Would you agree with this? Ok, thank you for that. shaneco has a setting that I really like, and that is really the only reason I was looking at loose diamonds on that website. I recently found a somewhat similar setting on jamesallen, so I may not have to keep my eyes on shaneco anymore. Speaking of that, I saw that some people suggest buying the stone and setting from the same vendor. I was somewhat hoping for this, but it is not a necessity for me. Is it costly to have a local store set the stone in the setting for me? What would be the pros and cons of having them purchased separately? At the same place? As far as clarity, how would you breakdown SI1? Generally eye-clean? Generally visible inclusions? Thanks. Neil - I hope I misinterpreted your initial paragraph in your reply. I am not sure why, but you seemed defensive and offended by my OP. If I said something offensive or negative, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come out that way. My "unbiased" comment was more directed at super loose opinions - I realize everyone is biased in some way or another. I didn't mean for it to come off as "super tight-butt-soldier-esque", and I'm sorry if it did come out that way. I value your posts in my thread here, and all others I've seen of yours, and I hope that the first thread I started didn't get me off on the wrong foot with anyone! :thumbup: (EDIT2: thumbup is a smiley in my other forums that is a guy smiling giving a big thumbs-up. It isn't a smiley here, but I wanted to keep it in there anyway haha).
  7. Hi all, As you can see by my post count, I'm new to the forums. Little background on me first: I'm not new to forums at all - I've been members of various car forums since ~2000 so I know very well how they work. I've been member of jewelry forums for ~2 days (it doesn't take a genius to guess why I'm now joining diamond forums, but I digress). With ANY purchase I make, I do a lot of research. I overwhelm myself with knowledge in hopes of retaining at least some of it, so I can make an informed decision. Ok enough background haha. I have read ALL the FAQs (except the one on diamond selling, since I have none to sell) and they were very helpful. There are some very knowledgeable members here, and that's why I joined - to get knowledge from you experts! Ok, now on to my question(s). Being in the era of technology (26 years old) and an engineer, I'm BIG on the internet. The wealth of information is very beneficial, most of the time. So, naturally, I'm looking at online vendors. I've been looking at jamesallen, bluenile, goodforgold, whiteflash, uniondiamond, shaneco, etc etc etc. I'm pretty good at identifying legit from wannabee online vendors in many things, but jewelry would not be too close to the top of the list haha. The FAQ about this helped, but I'm still not 100%. Which ones would you recommend? Which ones would you shy me away from? I prefer facts over opinions, and if other vendors chime in please keep the replies non-biased. Next, I do plan to do some in-person "shopping", but only for mental/visual comparison. I will likely buy online, but I want to see various colors and clarities in person. My lower limits are currently color I and clarity SI1. From what I've read, this will give me a very good valued stone. I know there isn't really a cold-hard-fact on it, but in your expert opinions, will a color I and clarity SI1 provide me a white looking, eye-clean stone in a white gold/platinum setting? Lastly (for now), cut. I've read countless times that this is most important. Now, I see some sites do their own 'cut'. Is there a difference between blue nile's "signature ideal" cut vs GIA's "ideal" cut? Jamesallen's "true hearts and arrows"? Whiteflash's "A cut above"? Are these "legit" cuts that make them better/different than AGS/GIA "ideal" cut or is it all a marketing scheme? Sorry for the lengthy post, but I find brevity and thoroughness often don't go hand in hand. Thanks in advance. EDIT: round brilliant is the shape/cut I'm looking at.
  8. I am curious about union diamond as well. They seem to have very fair prices. They also seem to have "fishy" reviews when googled. They're good reviews, but they almost seem staged.
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