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  1. Thanks as always for helping us!!! So we did our homework as for choosing the appraiser. We found someone GIA certified, independent and actually the only one recommended in our city on this site. The first person we had look at it was not actually appraising it she was just,"helping us out," but she was GIA as well. The first girl didn't really give us a value but more just told us if we got what we paid for, in comparrison to our certificate. She did also give us her card and offer to put it all in writing if we would like but we didn't go to her because she was part of a jewelers and we didn't want to be talked out of our purchase so we would buy from her. The second appraiser was someone independent from our whole diamond adventure I was begining to think she was just trying to make us feel better about our purchase by quoting up so high. I didn't tell her the appraisal was for insurance purposes but I am sure she assumed that. In our area I am sure we couldn't even purchase this type of stone, unless it was custom ordered, because we tried but that doesn't make it worth so much more. She only appraised the stone itself unmounted. We just want to insure the diamond prior to sending it to be set. I am sure we will have it appraised after as well. The insurance is the type that replaces with like stones, Jewelers Mutual. We really have not a clue what this diamond would cost on the market otherwise or once it is mounted. I guess we can sort through some online jewelers and see. Thanks again for your advice.
  2. So here is our situation: We have a 1.02 carat cushion cut diamond we purcased online for $1845. We have taken it to two gemologists to look at it and estimate the value. The first just said that we weren't ripped off, the diamond was as the certificate stated, but she would suggest we try to trade the diamond in for a higher color grade because it is EGL I color. The second jeweler also aggreed with the certificateand that the color wasn't great. She is the one who appraised the diamond for us. So this is our question: The diamond alone was appraised at 6,900.00 and we are wondering if we should insure the diamond for the appraisal value or the purchase price? We have read that the appraisal would be inflated up to 10 percent but this is much more. We opened the policy for 3000.00 figuring the diamond plus a setting which cost 650.00 but we are sending our diamond in the mail to be mounted into a custom setting and want the appropriate insurance while this is done. Any suggestions would help.
  3. Good news is that I finally verified the certificate!!! I figured I was just overreacting but ya never know. So I google searched my cert number on my diamond. It came up with Ross-simmons website so I went on and searched their diamonds for one with a report like mine and it said to go to www.egc-labs.com. Who would ever think it would be that difficult to figure out. I know the lab isn't great and we wish we didn't purchase from Isreal but hey, now we know for next time. Thanks so much for helping us!
  4. Ok so a couple of things going on today. So we went for a diamond appraisal today so we can insure our diamond prior to having it mounted. I did not give any information to the appraiser just explained that we purchased online and would like an appraisal. The lady who helped us was knowledgable, extremely friendly and professional. The gemstone appraisal states that the purpose of appraisal is retail replacement value. The total retail replacement value for the loose diamond is 6900.00. We paid 1845.00. I am wondering if this is what I should hve expected? I see often times that appraisal values are inflated but I didn't expect such a difference. As for the certification... It is in a small blue pamphlet that states, "Diamond certificate issued by EGL International. On the bottom it states the laboratories in Antwerp,Seoul, New York, London, Ramat Gan, Paris and Johannesburg. I looked at photos of certificates online and ours looked just like an EGL Isreal certificate. I read that EGL Isreal certificate numbers will be all numbers and begin with a 2, ours is. So anyhow the back shows an address and phone number for all the labs. I think I will try to call the USA branch because I know they will speak English. With all of this said, I am going to call the lab and then the jeweler who sold us the diamond if needed. I may just be making a mountain out of a molehill, I hate to admit but I do sometimes, blush. I will be back to let everyone know.
  5. I honestly think whenever you both feel like you are ready to make the commitment is the right time. Very often women are ready before men and even more so now when women are,"wearing the pants" in families. All the women I know are the breadwinners for their families, especially in the medical field where I work. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost nine years, I am 29, so essentially our entire adult lives. I wasn't ready to get married until very recently when I finished college and he waited, poor guy,lol. We are very much in love. We talk about getting married and having a family everyday. We are having my ring made together but I still expect that same old fashioned treatment, down on one knee. Enough about me. Don't cut yourself short when it comes to true love. Love is love. You may need to kindly remind him of how happy and proud it will make you to be his wife. What worked with me is how important he felt it was to our future together. Keep your chin up and we will be waiting for the day you post your fancy new engagement ring!
  6. Thank you for all your help. Diamond Review and a few members in particular have been our saving grace. We appreciate it more than you could ever know! We have an appointment tomorrow at noon to have the diamond appraised independently for a Jewelers Mutual policy. The appraisal company is the only company in our entire city that this website recommended so I have faith it will go fairly. Once insured we will be sending the diamond to a jeweler who agreed to make the setting we love with sidestones similiar to our center diamond. As for the EGL certification, we have not been able to verify anything. The certification number did not show up on the website. I e-mailed EGL International and this was the response: Dear Lana, This certificate does not appear in our data base. Since we have no information about this certificate we are unable to help you with your inquiry. Sincerely yours, Mali Aviram What to make of that, I am not sure. Would you suggest I call the USA number on the certification? Should I call the company I purchased the diamond from? or should I just get the appraisal tomorrow and go about life as it was with no worries? It doesn't seem very practical for it to be fraudulent,lol. Anyhow, thanks in advance for any advice and I will keep everyone updated as to the Fricano engagement:) How exciting!
  7. A jeweler told us that EGL includes appraisal and that should be enough to insure our diamond prior to sending it to be mounted. I now know it is only EGL-USA that does this. I was reading about the different labs, visited the website and figured I would put our info in. Much to my surprise it couldn't find our certification so I got worried. I did have a GIA certified gemologist look at it last week and she quoted much like the certificate but she also told us to try to return our diamond. We do like it though and it was in our budget so we decided to try to work with it. We are trying to have a setting custom made with sidestones that are similiar in color. The whole process of buying the diamond, getting it appraised,insuring the diamond, mounting the diamond, getting it appraised again is so much. At this point I wish he went to the mall and I didn't know anything about it until he asked me to marry him,lol. Thanks so much for your expert advice. It helps ease my worried mind:)
  8. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me how to verify the certification of a diamond. We have purchased a diamond that, to our misfortune I understand, is EGL International Isreal certified. We attempted to verify the certification on the EGL International website but it does not recognize the certificate number. The certificate appears to be the same as the examples and all the security measures are intact but we are still concerned that we cannot verify the certification. Any suggestions?
  9. Today we took the diamond and semi mount to be looked at by a GIA certified gemologist for the first time since we bought it. There is some good news and some bad news. Good news is that we weren't totally ripped off. It was relief to know that our diamond was even real at this point,lol. The diamond came up pretty much the same as the EGL certification with exception to the color, as expected. She evaluated the color as close to J-K. She explained that the color saturation or concentration is causing a yellowish look. The stone does have a yellowish/ light brown hue in certain light and the clarity is VVS2. She also suggested we try to exchange the diamond for a better color and with less clarity. We thought clarity was more important in the cushion shape of stone and just chose I because it was in our budget not realizing it could really be J-K. The setting on the other hand, is all wrong and we will return it completely. The setting is what I loved but the prongs will not even hold the shape of diamond we have. I told the company and they stated the prong was set purposeful for the dimensions of the diamond we have. I don't know how because the prongs look like they are for a round stone and the gemologist today agreed. On top the wrong prongs, the side stones are significantly lighter in color than the main stone and we were told that almost all side stones will be the same, G-H colors. We discussed returning the diamond but we both still really like it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what our options are to keep this dark colored diamond and make it look nice? Any suggestions on shopping for a setting for this cushion cut shape would help as well. Would a basket style prong really overpower our small diamond? Looks like we have some more learning and searching to do but progress the is good.
  10. We purchased the diamond and setting seperate from two different jewelers. The diamond had a seven day return policy, which is over and the setting has a 30 day return policy. I clarified the setting information with that jeweler and he said the prongs were set specifically for the diamond we have and he would change or refund if we did not like it. He said the basket setting we liked would overpower the size of our diamond so we have a four prong setting. As for the diamond I think we may be stuck. We really didn't doubt our purchse, like truely poor consumers:( We tried to learn all about diamonds prior but didn't look at the different certification companies. We do like the diamond we have but would like to know how much damage we actually did by being so uneducated and minimally learn from our mistakes. Should we take the diamond to a local jeweler to have it evaluated? Oh God, such terrible news... but expected
  11. My future fiance recently purchased a diamond and semi mount for our engagement ring. We thought we were making great purchases and asked a million questions of the jewelers but after reading the forums, fear we may have made some mistakes. We still have not had the diamond mounted but fear making more mistakesby being uneducated consumers. We are both extremely uneasy about going to a jeweler anyway but even more so now after realizing our lack of knowledge. We still need to have the diamond and setting appraised, insured and mounted. We would like any information that might be helpful and comments about our purchase. The diamond info: Certified by EGL international, purchased from NYC diamond district for $1845.00 weight 1.02 cts cushion shape 6.42-5.41 x 3.72 mm proportions total depth 68.8% table width 63% crown height 12% pavilion depth 53% girdle thickness medium faceted finish polish very good symmetry very good culet very small clarity grade VVS2 Graining Nil color grade I Florescence None The semi mount was also purchased from a jeweler in the NYC diamond district for $658.00 The paperwork states certified by the Kimberly process Certification Scheme The specs are: 0.5 CTW semi mount diamond engagement ring cathedral pave setting style 14k white gold 26 diamonds color g-h clarity SI2 shape round brilliant width 2.1mm size 6 The purchase states 100% satisfaction or 30 day return policy for full refund or exchange We are currently in the process of contacting this company because our sales receipt states setting for round diamond although we have a cushion and the center prongs appear a little off center. This company has been great with us so we hope to not encounter any problems. So these are some of our questions or concerns: What are your opinions on the purchases we made? Should we search for GIA certification and/or appraisal before we mount our diamond? Should we ask the jeweler for certification for the setting as well? Should we have the jewelry appraised, mounted and then insured in that order? Should we have the appraisal and mounting done at the same jeweler? Thank you so much in advance for any adivice!!!
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