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  1. I just got the verification and professional clean of my engagement ring. It is ok now... Looks sparkly and clear. The jeweler in our local store said it probably because of the hand cream underneath of setting and that is difficult to wipe out by normal washing. thanks for all of your help!
  2. Hi all I check the fluorescence in the UV exposuror, no excitation at all. And I asked my colleague to compare the diamonds... they said I am too sensitive and i probably get a bit Marriage Phobia, starting worried about everything... Anyhow, i will go to the oldest jewelry store at stockholm and ask the jeweler to help me after work.
  3. Hi Jan I did not do any extra exam... since it my engagement ring which bought by my boyfriend and before I got my stud earring I did not realize the hazy of it... Only after my earring arrived, I compared the diamonds... then the difference show up... Can I simply look at the diamond under UV light? I work at medical lab, we have UV exposure equipment... OR I need to send the ring to some jeweler? BR
  4. thanks! I will send it to jewelry care and let them clean it deeply. Let you know after... I think De Beers is a reliable retail since it is on the market for long time. May be I am a bit overconscientious...
  5. I DID wash... I don't know why but anyhow, it still looks a bit cloudy looking inside... seems like some inclusion... very tiny spread white point. Not as clear and transparent as the earring diamond. The engagement ring is certified by De Beers which states E color and VVS2 clartity, no fluorescence. Should I go to exam the diamond again? I am a bit worried about the it. The diamond is 0.92 carat which is no GIA report only the De Beers passport... BR
  6. Hi I just get a question about my engagement ring. It is an E color VVS2 clarity diamond ring. When my fiancee posted the ring to me, it was looked blinking and flashy. However, I recently bought a pair of stud earring which are H color VS clarity. After comparing these diamonds, I suddenly found the E color diamond seems less lucent... It is a bit cloudy or hazy looking but of course the color is brighter then earring. The diamond ring was bought from De Beers, form the certificate there is no fluorescence and cut grade is EX. I don't understand why the higher grade diamond ( basically in all aspects color clarity and cut) show a opposite impression... He suggested probably the size of diamonds cause the difference of visual effects... could it because the engagement ring diamond is bigger, so when we observe the diamonds in close distance, there is less transparent. Can any experienced people give me any suggestion?