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  1. So finally I bought the one above (#5 if you will). They showed me another one with pretty much identical specs but honestly I couldn't see any difference. The second one was an extra 2k so I left it! Finally an end to this saga... Thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate it immensely. Pics to follow of the ring construction! John
  2. Hmm, they can't even get #4 for viewing, but I can buy it... However, they have this for viewing without a delivery charge. http://www2.gia.edu/...380&weight=1.71 £17.3k GIA Report Check GIA REPORT NUMBER: 1109281380 Report Type:GIA Diamond Grading ReportDate of Issue:April 09, 2009 ROUND BRILLIANT Measurements:7.72 - 7.75 x 4.67 mm Carat Weight:1.71 caratColor Grade:FClarity Grade:VS1Cut Grade:Excellent PROPORTIONS: Depth:60.4%Table:59%Crown Angle:33.5°Crown Height:13.5%Pavilion Angle:41.0°Pavilion Depth:43.5%Star length:50%Lower Half:80%Girdle:Medium to Slightly Thick, FacetedCulet:None FINISH: Polish:ExcellentSymmetry:ExcellentFluorescence:NoneComments:Additional clouds are not shown. It seems ok? At this point my thoughts are that I should see this, and if I like it, just get it. I am running out of time unfortunately...
  3. 2 is gone, so I am going to get them to ship 4 in to compare to the ones I saw before. Wish me luck!
  4. All of them are overseas - so I will have to pay for the shipping of any that I don't end up buying :-( I think it's worth getting at least 2 or 4 to look at, because its likely that I'll for it in preference to the ones I have seen already. But which one? I suspect that maybe it just comes to the colour. So maybe I should go for 4. I can use the difference to get some matching earings etc...
  5. Yes I think I am starting to see what you mean. I've asked the vendor to see what they can show me - I'll see where they are located and let you know how it goes! Finally I think I might be able to come to a purchase... thank you so much for your help and prompt replies. I really do appreciate it. One thing that I thought was interesting: I had a look at how these stones fare in the HCA (you know the one http://www.pricescope.com/tools/hca) and the first three came out as 'very good' but the last came out as 'excellent'. I wonder if that means anything?
  6. Also, for a drop in colour grade: http://www.77diamond...%20l&carat=1.75 £19.2k ROUND BRILLIANT Measurements:7.66 - 7.71 x 4.79 mm Carat Weight:1.75 caratColor Grade:FClarity Grade:VS1Cut Grade:Excellent PROPORTIONS: Depth:62.4%Table:58%Crown Angle:35.0° (VG kicks in at 31 and 36.5)Crown Height:15.0%Pavilion Angle:41.2° (VG kicks in at 40.4 and 41.8Pavilion Depth:43.5%Star length:50%Lower Half:80%Girdle:Medium to Slightly Thick, FacetedCulet:None FINISH: Polish:ExcellentSymmetry:ExcellentFluorescence:NoneComments:Additional pinpoints are not shown. and http://www2.gia.edu/...662&weight=1.75 £19.2k ROUND BRILLIANT Measurements:7.76 - 7.79 x 4.74 mm Carat Weight:1.75 caratColor Grade:FClarity Grade:VS1Cut Grade:Excellent PROPORTIONS: Depth:60.9%Table:58%Crown Angle:33.5°(VG kicks in at 31 and 37) Crown Height:14.0%Pavilion Angle:41.0° (VG kicks in at 40.6 and 42) Pavilion Depth:43.5%Star length:50%Lower Half:75%Girdle:Medium, FacetedCulet:None FINISH: Polish:ExcellentSymmetry:ExcellentFluorescence:NoneComments:Surface graining is not Thank you for your time! John
  7. Ok, so after much playing around I can finally understand what you mean. That chucks out all of the ones I listed except the 1.82 which I understand your point I could probably do better on. Here's some others I found. http://www.77diamond...6141&carat=1.78 £22k ROUND BRILLIANT Measurements:7.69 - 7.75 x 4.80 mm Carat Weight:1.78 caratColor Grade:EClarity Grade:VS1Cut Grade:Excellent PROPORTIONS: Depth:62.2%Table:58%Crown Angle:36.0° (VG kicks in at 33 and 37)Crown Height:15.0%Pavilion Angle:40.8° (VG kicks in at 40.4 and 41.4)Pavilion Depth:43.0%Star length:50%Lower Half:80%Girdle:Medium to Slightly Thick, FacetedCulet:None FINISH: Polish:ExcellentSymmetry:ExcellentFluorescence:None http://www.77diamond...0107&carat=1.77 £22.5k ROUND BRILLIANT Measurements:7.73 - 7.81 x 4.81 mm Carat Weight:1.77 caratColor Grade:EClarity Grade:VS1Cut Grade:Excellent PROPORTIONS: Depth:61.9%Table:56%Crown Angle:35.5° (VG kicks in 31 and 37)Crown Height:15.5%Pavilion Angle:41.0° (VG kicks in at 40.4 and 41.6)Pavilion Depth:43.5%Star length:45%Lower Half:80%Girdle:Thin to Medium, FacetedCulet:None FINISH: Polish:ExcellentSymmetry:ExcellentFluorescence:NoneComments:Additional pinpoints are not shown. What do you think?
  8. So I had a look at the facetware thing and played around with some of the parameters. Which ones are the most important? Bumping each one a few notches either way, how many is a lot? I guess one would be looking for a stone that sits in the 'middle' of the ranges...? Thanks again John
  9. I'm not sure I really understand how the facetware thing helps - what should I be looking at? At this stage I'm tempted to go for the 1.82. It seems like a reasonable compromise in so far it has a better cut and polish than the 1.76 which frankly was fine in my eyes. Its also seems more reasonable because its an F rather than an E compared to the others. 77 said that if I ordered a stone in from overseas and ended up buying it, then they would not charge me the postage. So if I got the 1.82 over and then just compared it to the 1.76 and the 1.89, then the most I would 'lose' is the extra £650. Worth a try do you think? Again thanks for your help... :-) John
  10. Hi David, It's not rude at all - I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Your honest feedback is very valuable to me - thank you. Those links don't seem to work with the GIA website. They did when I pasted them in :-( I'll try again I have not seen these 1.82 - £20k 1.81 - £23.8k 1.87 - £24.2k I have seen these 1.76 - £17.1k 1.89 - £23.3k I would like to see them in person and indeed did so for the last two. They looked pretty similar as far as I could tell. From the face they seemed almost identical. To see the others in person would cost £650-750 per stone to fly them in to London as they are currently in the US. I thought perhaps the experts would be able to get more out of the certificate information than I would. In terms of wavering upwards in price, I guess that's easy to do when you are confused... A proxy expert - how could I go about getting one to see stones? Two of them are in LA and the final is in NYC. How much such a service cost? At this point I am leaning towards the 1.76ct one as A) it looked ok to me - you know, like I expected a diamond should! It had a large apparent size C) the height would be better suited to a smaller, more petite ring size - my fiancee has delicate hands D) its by far the cheapest E) she said "must be bigger than 1.75!!!" - ha ha ha Thanks again for your help, I really do appreciate it. John
  11. So here is the new shortlist: http://www2.gia.edu/reportcheck/act_printPDF.cfm?r=M%29H%2F%24STW%21%21%2FW%3BX%24%3D%25W%2F4%2F1K%27ZCO%2E%27%24XV%3DVL6-2%2C%3B%5CS0S%223%2E%26O2M%29%3D%40AE%3F%23L%3C%2C%0A%26%21M%5C%3C27Z%3B%0A £20k http://www2.gia.edu/reportcheck/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.showReportVerification&reportno=5101947836&weight=1.81 £23.8k http://www2.gia.edu/reportcheck/act_printPDF.cfm?r=M%298%2F%27RT%2B%25%22%3F_7%5BD%3D%25W%2F4%2A1K%27ZCO%2E%27%24XV%3DVL6-2%2C%3B%5CS0S%223%2E%26O2M%29%3D%40AE%3F%23L%3C%2C%0A%26%20-%5C%3A2%27Z%3B%0A £24.2k http://www2.gia.edu/reportcheck/act_printPDF.cfm?r=M%288%2F%24RDS%26%22_O%3B%5BD%3D%25W%2FH%2B1K%27ZCO%2E%27%24XV%3DVL6-2%2C%3B%5CS0S%223%2E%26O2M%29%3D%40AE%3F%23L%3C%2C%0A%26%20-%5C%3C3WZ%3B%0A £17.1k http://www2.gia.edu/reportcheck/act_printPDF.cfm?r=M%298%2F%24R%24%5B%24%21%2FO%3CZ4%3D%25W%2F4%241K%27ZCO%2E%27%24XV%3DVL6-2%2C%3B%5CS0S%223%2E%26O2M%29%3D%40AE%3F%23L%3C%2C%0A%26%20%3D%5C%3D2GZ%3B%0A £23.3k The nice lady at 77 suggested that the £17.1k was a 'big' 1.76ct stone and when I compared it to the £23.3k 1.89ct (those were the only two in the shop they had, the others I would have to fly in to see at my own expense) it was indeed hard to see the difference unless you looked at it from the side to see the difference in height. From the top, they both pretty much looked identical. What are your thoughts? Value for money? Thanks, John
  12. I am back - this time I need to get it sorted soon! I had a look again at 77. Same spec for the mounting, yellow gold ring with a high lustre and a six claw tiffanys style solitare (not too high), >1.65ct brilliant cut in size. As people already mentioned, a high grade stone D/E VVS2 or better is possibly pointless for such a setting so how about these? http://www.77diamonds.com/certification_RBMBWIVB5XVP.html vs http://www.77diamonds.com/certification_RBOZKJWLAZVB.html ? or the more expensive stuff http://www.77diamonds.com/certification_RBOZ6RSYZLHU.html http://www.77diamonds.com/certification_RBOZ8MHJLE3I.html http://www.77diamonds.com/certification_RBMBJIOL84BS.html However, can anyone hazard a guess as to why this is so cheap?!? Thanks in advance!!! John
  13. Well I think that I would class myself as someone who "gets it" - just a bit frustrated perhaps. Jan, how can you tell that the cut is better? What makes you think that? David, what makes you think it will be brighter? VVS2 - ok forget that Thanks for your responses :-)
  14. I think you must have got the $37k number wrong. £18k is about $29k. Ok, so if it's not necessary to have a such a rare diamond, who buys them and why? I've seen plenty of engagement rings that frankly I thought looked rubbish. Is it all in my head , or can one actually tell? Maybe I am very picky? In my family there is a tradition of good diamonds - my father used to sort the diamonds for our family jeweller. Unfortunately that was in the 60's and he's not much help now! :-/ I was hoping to keep the tradition alive...
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