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  1. satbeachbill

    Opinions on this diamond

    I just read the thread from January 2014. Lots of terrific information there.!
  2. satbeachbill

    Colorless Diamond Appears To Have Color?

    I was wondering why this thread didn't seem to flow smoothly.
  3. satbeachbill

    Looking For A Natural Pink Diamond

    good stuff
  4. satbeachbill

    Hazy And Milky Looking Of High Color Grading Diamond

    I read his reply only because it showed up as a "new" post. After having done so, I found it was a waste of time.
  5. satbeachbill

    Amazing Site...but Do You Cover The Uk?

    I can think of one. Sorry Neil, I should have refined my comment a little better. In no way did I mean to exclude you.
  6. satbeachbill

    Amazing Site...but Do You Cover The Uk?

    All in the "fun of the hunt".
  7. satbeachbill

    Amazing Site...but Do You Cover The Uk?

    As a 3rd person observer, I'd seriously consider David. Following his posts for any length of time, he seems to go over and about what any else would consider a normal conversation with a stranger over the internet. You've probably received more information from him in these few posts than you would (if ever) in 10 visits to most other jewelers. What other person in the industry would go to the effort to volunteer this much information without trying to sell you something? If he's willing to do that - here, think what an experience it would be to conduct a transaction with him. I've never met the man nor done business with him, but when I'm ready he'll be at the top of my "go to" list. Just my observation. Bill Baker
  8. satbeachbill

    Diamond Novice - Please Help With Images

    What's a schmick stone?
  9. satbeachbill

    Which Diamond To Choose??

    Thank you Hermann
  10. satbeachbill

    Need Help Choosing +- 3Ct Round Diamond

    "I am surprised they dont list their prices... It made me feel like Im walking into a jewelry store." If you click on "reserve" it shows $40,658.
  11. satbeachbill

    Help Selecting 2Ct Oval Diamond

    This video explains the EGL vs GIA grading and pricing pretty good:
  12. satbeachbill

    What Is A Fair Price For This Diamond? (Gia Attached)

    Is this right? I thought what Joshua is pushing - his stones - his calculator and his store - was against the whole grain of this website? Am I wrong here?
  13. satbeachbill

    Help Selecting A Round Stone 1.2-1.25 (Specs Attached)

    Good article there David, thanks.
  14. satbeachbill

    Gia Vs Egl - What's The Difference?

    I like the way you put that Neil!!