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  1. I guess I just look for things to be going on. I am only sorta a lurker at this point, but I came here for the jewelry advice. I guess that down the road I'll need more advice for other things, but the ring is the big thing. I suppose if there were more activity, more people would get more active. But I do keep checking back to see what's up.
  2. stuff like this raises the bar too high for most of us guys! haha! still, very cool
  3. thanks George, that does help! those are are really pretty. so, i've been looking online and found a couple diamonds that look like they'll be pretty good options, but they have varying flourescence. i read the FAQ but it seems like the jury is still out, so maybe you can help me out. i'm looking at diamonds that are VS and G-H color. one of the diamonds says it has slight fluorescence and one has medium blue. i haven't seen them in person yet, but i don't know what to think or expect. thanks!
  4. I've never been to Minnesota. the person below me has never learned how to drive a stick shift/standard transmission automobile.
  5. one of my best friend's favorite gemstones is ruby, and when we were in college, he told me about how he had plans for the engagement ring he would present to the woman he decided he'd marry--not that this person was in the picture yet--would be a ruby and *maybe* have small diamonds with it. i suggested maybe he might wait and see what she would like rather than making that decision for her. he said whoever he would propose to would be happy with whatever he gave her or wouldn't really be "the one". never did find out how that all turned out.
  6. Thanks everyone! I'll see if I can find out which shape she likes better and start looking around some more. I knew this wasn't gonna be easy, but it's way more complicated than I expected! I'll be back soon!
  7. i have decided that i want to propose before xmas and i know my girlfriend really likes cushion cut diamonds, but i don't really know anything about them. i know the basics to look for for a diamond, in general, but can anyone give me some pointers of what to look for for this cut besides "pretty"? is there a trick to finding an awesome cushion diamond? thanks! Matt
  8. something is only "worth" what someone will pay for it. but seriously, i'd be scared as heck to spend that kind of money somewhere that you can never go back to again. why would you be more comfortable buying on vacation when you have that pressure of going home soon when you could go somewhere closer to home that you could find out their reputation and everything first? i hope you didn't buy that diamond--or at least didn't get screwed!
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