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  1. i still haven't figured out my costume, but I'll be helping my best friend with her costume: she's going as Facebook. she's going to wear blue and have status messages all over her. and i'[m going to keep a post-it pad on me and write notes and put them on her as "writing on her wall" i jokingly told her i should give her a little bag of stupid whatnots and ask people if they wanted to pay $1 to send them to a friend! lol i'll let ya know how it works out!
  2. awesome! i look forward to seeing the changes. yeah, I've wondered why more folks don't talk a whole lot. hopefully that'll change!
  3. there's got to be some good ones out there, right? -- esp from the folks that work in jewelry stores.
  4. does it have to be engagement rings/diamonds only?
  5. that's hilarous! I've never worked somewhere where we could dress up for halloween--I can only imagine! i haven't decided what to be yet this year
  6. oooooh! i love Lindt chocolates! we have a store at one of the high-end malls around here and they have an amazing variety of chocolates and other candies. my faves there are the fruit jellies. but everything there is too $$ to give for halloween candy! if we're talking JUST halloween type candy.... tough to decide! mini 3 musketeers and tootsie rolls, i guess
  7. i'm totally a romantic, too... but the idea of it as a sacrifice: i mean not in the hardship kind of sense, per se... it is a gesture, a symbol, etc all that stuff...but just saying that it should be something proportionate to what one can give. i had a friend years back who was engaged sans ring--she said "oh i dont like diamonds anyway, i'd rather have a sapphire...etc etc" which is fine. but the point is, she never said a word and he never did anything for her about it. he wasn't backing it up, as far as I was concerned. there was other stuff at play there, too, but to me--he was putting the cart before the horse. he hadn't given her anything as a token of his love, of his promise to love and "take care" of her--anything. and the dude made money--he spent it on his cars and his entertainment center and was generally a jerk. i mean, this is not the situation that made me form this opinion, but it definitely contributes to it remaining my opinion
  8. i have nothing to add in the way of bragging rights, but those are really pretty rings!
  9. would you ever buy a car that was just advertised as "Honda" you need to know the make, model, year, condition, various other specs. get more information before you even remotely consider it!
  10. i've always thought there is absolutely no way it's ok to give a diamond meant for (or worn by) one person to another person in engagement ring, the only exception being family heirlooms, and even then, i'm not always into that. i'd say depending on the size, keep the diamond for another piece of jewelry, perhaps--maybe find a match for it for earrings or a pendant, or just sell it and use the money towards whatever else you get. but another thing is that whatever you gave fiancee/wife #1, you really should do better for fiancee/wife #2 for a number of reasons. first--she'll want to feel more important than the person from the guy's past, and second, presuming that the people involved weren't already a bit older, established and successful, hopefully the guy IS now more established and successful than he was when younger and proposing to the first gal, and so should be in a better place to provide a better gift. to me (and here's where my comment about family heirlooms falls into place), an engagement ring is part of the promise--it's a tangible thing to look at but it's a symbol of the sacrifice (financial) that a man makes to the woman that he loves. in the traditional sense, he's showing that he can afford to care for her, and can afford to sacrifice money towards a gift. kind of a dowry. not saying that it has to be anything like the supposed "2 months salary" rule, but just proportionate to what each person has. if you make good money and live relatively cheap--it can be something bigger than if you make decent money but have lots of financial obligations. it's a one-shot deal, folks--the point is that it's supposed to count! ok...that's my 2 cents
  11. a friend posted this youtube video of something that a groom helped put together as a surprise for his new bride. if you loved the wedding party dancing down the aisle, you'll LOVE this! i should only be so lucky--and have relatives that can carry a tune in something besides a bucket!
  12. SARIN reports and many of the like, IMHO, are a waste of time. I've seen reports that say the diamond should be gorgeous when it's not, and ones that say so-so, when it's beautiful. hit your high-notes of Color, Clarity and Cut grade (EX or VG) and look for EX or VG in Polish and Symmetry, and you're golden. Yes, there are ideal ranges for things, but ultimately, the exact numbers don't matter--you don't wear the cert, you wear the diamond. and if it's gorgeous, the numbers don't matter so much! so don't get hung up on them!
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