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  1. could be that she's comparing it to her girl friends' rings and feeling insecure. maybe their situations are different and their guys had more money to throw at a ring (or put themselves into debt for). you didn't mention how big the diamond in the ring you gave her to start with is--if it is on the smaller side, it might be a legit concern. if it's a reasonable size, then it could just boil down to some vanity on her part. but really, a ring is just a token, as long as everything else is good, i wouldn't sweat things too much. do what you can if you are so inclined to honor her request.
  2. "firemark" sounds like a trademark cut, like Leo or Hearts on Fire. i'd stick with a GIA graded stone that comes from a reputable store or online retailer, rather than getting sucked into a name. people are going to be looking at the diamond, not some name attached to it. don't pay more for the name! gl!
  3. definitely stick with a standard 57/58 cut diamond (if they cut a small culet, that's no big deal). if you get one of those trademarked cuts, all you're really paying for is a name. what cracked me up is one of the designers made an advertising thing on their website about their trademarked cut, as if it were a secret file. those things were cut so shallowly, they'd HAVE TO cut a gazillion more facets just to have light moving around in them. i thought they were ridiculous. big secret, guys! and i'd say for her size, etc, and your budget, you're good with a carat or a little below--a little bigger if you find a good deal, and being able to be tax/duty free might help ya be able to toss a little more towards the diamond. look for VG or EX Cut, Polish and Symmetry if you're going with a round, and you can't go wrong!
  4. The side is definitely different--not like the modern "antique" looking rings. The only stamp(s) inside are 900PLAT100IRID, but I did have it sized, so hopefully if there had been a maker's mark, it didn't get obliterated by that. but the band is very slender, so i'd think if anyone were inclined to want to stamp it, they'd have done it like the carat stamp and do it right near the top of the ring where it's a little wider. I'll post a picture soon--I'll try to take a profile shot tonight when I'm home from work. hope you're all settled into the new place
  5. wow. is she marrying you or Cartier? personally, i think you can find that same or very similar style of ring somewhere else for much less and be able to put more into the diamond. but that's just my opinion. if you're in love with having the actual Cartier ring, get it. As far as the diamonds go--D to F look no different from one another once they're mounted. you'd really have to have them side by side in perfect lighting to tell the difference. same goes for clarity--IF and VS2 look the same to the unaided eye. and since you're not going to see these in person, it's really hard to guess on all the other things that factor in besides weight, color and clarity. just for curiosity--why are you buying this completely sight-unseen and having it shipped twice? anyway...it's late so i'm rambling, but if it were me, i'd go with the D VS2 over the E IF. yes, TOTALLY colorless is bragging rights, and "IF" is bragging rights, but no one wears the certification around, so either way, you've got a (presumably) gorgeous diamond, colorless, totally eye-clean--go for a little bigger bling for your bucks.
  6. you can totally go non-traditional with this one, i think. i know some folks that don't even LIKE diamonds (*GASP* i know!). I think what matters most is that the gal has a ring that she loves and will love looking at for the rest of their lives. Sapphire and Ruby are both members of a species of stone called Corundum--it's the second hardest thing to Diamond, being a 9 on the Moh's scale of hardness. Now being a 9 and diamond being a 10 doesn't mean that they're super close in hardness, as it's all relative, and diamonds are WAY harder, but Ruby and Sapphire will stand up pretty good over time. Here's the thing--yes, it will scuff and the facet junctions will wear down eventually, esp if she's rough on the ring, but, if it's what she wants, it's what she wants. The center stone can always be replaced--with a diamond or another ruby--down the line if that's what she wishes to do, but it will hold up reasonably well if she takes good care of the ring. i've seen people have EMERALDS as center stones, even, which is just NUTS because of how fragile they are, but it's the stone they love, and it makes them happy. but i don't think ruby or sapphire are unreasonable to use for engagement rings because they will hold up pretty well over time and ARE in the "precious" category, which as far as i'm concerned, makes them perfectly acceptable for engagement rings and for those that go "well diamonds are more valuable" rubies can be nearly as valuable as diamonds, depending on their origin, quality and cut. i think in the longrun, diamond is more "wearable" b/c it "goes with everything", sapphires are the next so, hence their popularity. but it's really a matter of personal choice--some people like heart shapes, some like emerald cuts. as long as the ring is beautiful and she loves it (and the guy who gave it to her) that's what's most important. people can think whatever they want--and they will--regardless of what the ring looks like and is made of, but the only thing that matters is that the wearer is happy!
  7. I guess I'm a little late to the party here, but here's my 2c: who cares! as long as he's popping the question and not being a total goober about it or something, that's what matters! as far as the ring in hand, ring in box--that doesn't matter. sometimes presenting the ring first--IMHO--makes it more like you're accepting the RING not the proposal. the ring--good, bad or otherwise--is less important than the proposal. heck--the ring is a sign of sincerity as far as "i'm serious and i planned for this by having this in my hand while i'm doing it", but nothing wrong with proposing without a ring, as far as I'm concerned. you can then pick out the ring together, if you want. i don't know--much as I love jewelry, i'm an old-fashioned girl in some ways and think that the proposal at the time is so much more important to the ring.
  8. oops! it didn't attach the picture. trying again. (still learning this stuff!)
  9. so as you might have noticed, I'm new here. But I figured since this is a "show us your bling" section, I'd get the ball rolling with my favourite acquisition to date--my very first platinum ring. a couple years ago, I started a new job that afforded me--for the first time ever--enough disposable income (at least for a little bit! ha ha!) to be able to buy myself some sparklies. I did a lot of poking around on ebay (i know there will be mixed thoughts on that!) for antique rings. I got a few for myself over the year I let myself "play", but my fave has got to be my first (and still ONLY to date) platinum ring. from my understanding, this ring dates to about the 30s-40s and has about a 25-25pt center with not-quite one-pointers around the outside and on either side of the center stone. it's a crappy picture (i just have a point-and-shoot) but a beautiful ring. so besides just showing off my favourite sweet little ring, i figured i'd throw it out as a topic--what's your first platinum ring? and do you love it as much as mine? c'mon! story time!
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