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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking at a couple of AGS0 diamonds, and noticed a difference between the two AGS reports: 1 of the report is a platinum report with a computer generated light performance map, the other report is a regular report that still says the light performance is '0' but without an image. Should I be concerned that the second report is not a platinum report? is it because the cutter is not confident of the light performance map results? Thanks for your opionion on this!!
  2. Hi all, thanks for all your responses! i looked at it under direct sun again and i dont believe there is a haziness to it...all i see is a blue are some pictures davide - you are really close the diamond is 2.14 carat and priced at 20738. the pics are taking under strong direct sunlight:
  3. here are some pics under the bathroom fluorescence light. I have to say it looks more blue in the pics than in actual person :
  4. in the car on a cloudless day at 6pm: this one is a little out of focus:
  5. hello again, i was able to take some pictures of the diamond...please let me know what you guys think! i am not sure if its just all in my head but i feel like i can see a bluish hue on the diamond even when its not under direct looks clear but there is a bluish hue to this normal? here are the pics: Note: the smaller diamond is a Excellent cut, F color, VS2, medium fluorescence diamond At home under natural light: under the sun outside the balcony:
  6. hi all, the diamond is priced at around 9740 per i guess its a pretty good you guys think its too good to be true? I will be getting the diamond tomorrow so will let you all know how it looks... Jan - you mentioned the pavilion is too deep...i read that the ideal depth is 43.1%..does the 0.9% make a big difference??
  7. thanks david & barry! I think what i will do is have the vendor send the diamond to me and compare it side by side with a F color, VS2, excellent cut, medium fluorescence diamond and see if i can tell a difference between the two.
  8. David - LOL i guess i wont have trouble spotting my GF at a disco club then What do you think of the other specifications for this diamond? does it look good on paper at least? Thanks for your reply!
  9. Hello everyone, I am trying to decide on a diamond I have found online and everything looks good except for the fluorescence of the diamond, which is listed as very strong. This is also the reason why there is a decent discount in price on this diamond. I don’t care about the fluorescence as long as it will not affect the diamond under non-UV lighting and give it a hazy or milky appearance. Any thoughts you knowledgeable folks have on this will be much appreciated!!! Thank you. Below is the specifications from the GIA certification. Cut: Excellent Color: G Clarity: VS2 Depth: 61.7% Table %: 56% Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Gridle: Medium to slightly thick (3.5%) Cutet: None Fluorescence:Very Strong Blue Measurements: 8.33 x 8.27 x 5.12 mm Crown height: 14.5% Crown angle: 33 degrees Pavilion angle: 41.4 degrees Pavilion depth: 44%