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    My E-ring :)

    This is beautiful! I am new here so my contribution wouldn't count but hope would add something in future.
  2. Hey Lisa your story is really cool.
  3. Yes, its true that diamonds are more popular than any other gemstone for engagement ring but you can see ruby and Sapphire are also been used for long.
  4. Oh dear! I don’t think you should be disappointed, rather you should be happy that she finally said what she felt like. What is a worth of a relationship if one of two has to think twice about something he or she felt for each other. You should be happy that she is comfortable to say what she feels. And you also should feel proud on your relationship that has no hide n seek. This only reflects that the time has come in to your relation where things (even a diamond) don’t matter at all and your love has finally crossed all those boundaries. It’s a good sign, Cheer up!
  5. I would suggest you to be simple and honest and the atmosphere will automatically become romantic. I don’t think there is anything beautiful than simplicity. You two together can make any place a romantic one!
  6. I think u can scane those photographs but anyways interesting story. I also would prefer to be proposed in public. Actully that makes you feel linke a princess
  7. Hi first i want to introduce myself. I am shelby new to this forum. I liked the topic to start with. Found good stories here. Wish you all very best of luck! Cheers!!!
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