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  1. HeartAndStone

    Custom Ring Problem

    I'm not an expert, ayt.. I think this is common with custom made rings... Do you consider this as a 'big' problem? The stones are immaculate, the setting is lovely and its imperfections make it even more natural and 'real' . Maybe it's time to start loving this ring...
  2. HeartAndStone

    Wtb: Want To Buy A 1.5+ Ct Asscher

    Welcome! It's not a good idea to post your email add, tell them to just send you a pm. I'd say, your first stop... Our Diamond Finder tool. Wow an Asscher @ 1.5 carats, she's a lucky girl! (I've been out for a while! whew..., miss you guys!)
  3. HeartAndStone

    Which Diamond Is Better?

    Take some pictures, show it to us...Include the specs of each diamond.
  4. HeartAndStone

    Hearts And Arrows

    It's true, if you believe that it's true, if you don't have to convince anyone that it's true, by then in your heart it's a true hearts and arrows.
  5. HeartAndStone

    How To Get Free Advice On A Particular Diamond.

    Before Neil locks this thread here's my .02 cents Hello everyone! Right on! Be polite. You are so lucky to get a free professional diamond assessment. There's no place like 'Diamond Review' forum, always use our Diamond Finder, use this as your guide. Once you get the best answer, it would be great if you stick around. Don't think twice, stay and have fun! Tell your friends about DiamondReview. Miss you guys! xoxo Heart and Stone
  6. HeartAndStone

    Help - Need To How How To Buy A Princes Cut Diamond

    Hi Madryn! Welcome! First off, you need to stick with GIA/ AGS certified diamonds. Now, it's best to lower your exceptions. Imho, your budget is just right but if you set your standards that high... You won't be happy with your purchase. Use our Diamond Finder tool. Keep this in mind. Don't get me wrong, ayt? But if you change that attitude, it would be easy for you to find the perfect princess cut engagement ring.
  7. HeartAndStone

    Would Like Your Opinions On This Rock

    I think you should. H, VS2 and it's 1.04 ct. Go for it! Keep us posted!
  8. HeartAndStone

    Non-Tradtional E-Ring Box?!

    I always think cakes like this are too pretty to eat! :wub:Yummy! Love is a piece of cake.
  9. HeartAndStone

    Non-Tradtional E-Ring Box?!

    Many guys go crazy over this matter. Where can I find this box, etc?? Let's face it, who wants an overrated box? What's in the name? Diamonds are girls best friend. So guys don't sweat it. Be creative. Make us smile. Be thoughtful. And we will love you even more.
  10. HeartAndStone

    Propose On Tv

    I am ready for it, thanks for asking. We are shooting it next week, exciting. And the guy is so excited And if you're gonna share the video on YouTube, give us the link or just post the title of the video and we'll search for it. Good luck! Stay positive!
  11. HeartAndStone

    Joke Of The Day

    Says the doctor to the patient after physical examination: "You know, you came to me at just the right moment.." "Oh no!" Says the patient. 'Is it that serious, doctor?" "Quite the opposite," replies the doctor. "One more day, and it would have healed by itself."
  12. HeartAndStone

    Nervous Proposer

    Good luck! Let your girl have her dream engagement ring... It might be a .40 ct. antique-style ring. Keep us posted!
  13. HeartAndStone

    Nervous Proposer

    Hi Phil! Welcome The 'special sale price' doesn't sound that special to me. Try to use our 'DiamondFinder' tool. Why not go beyond her expectations? It sounds like you are truly ready to give her what she deserves. It doesn't mean that you have to go with your max. limit. Explore other stores... Contemplate. Be creative.
  14. HeartAndStone

    Other Gemstones

    Few articles about gemstones and a forum for coloured diamonds And some articles and/or forum about celebrity e-rings too! I'm dreaming....
  15. HeartAndStone

    Opinion On Stone Cut

    Hi NewbieStone! Welcome! Well, SI1, EGL , 1.32 ct you need to be very careful... Use our DiamondFinder tool because honestly, I smell something fishy with that broker thing. And where's paladora? Davide your posts are becoming to too techie/ specific. Readers will love it! Better than 'wiki'