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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. I have considered a different setting, even though this one is gorgeous and very suited to me and my lifestyle (athletic, not dainty). Although it is practical that the ring is thicker, I keep whacking it on my desk at work and I'm worried it will scuff and scratch. It is yellow gold by the way. I did bring that up, and the jeweller said they could polish it and will remove "display case scratches" when they resize it. I'll talk to him today and use "we" as in "can we consider getting a diamond that fills out the setting better and stands out more?"
  2. It is the second time around for both of us, in our 40's. His third proposal as he had a broken engagement many years ago the first time. He saw my former ring, which was a .25 center diamond with additional diamonds on the sides (total .40) which I always thought was on the smaller side but was what my first husband could afford at the time and I was very happy with it. The ring my new fiance has given me is beautiful. He took the care to pick a practical setting (which I LOVE) and also took the care to pick out a good quality diamond (VS2, D and Canadian!). My only issue is that the diamond is .36 carats, and the size isn't as much an issue as the way it looks in the setting. The band is wider around the diamond, and almost dwarfs the diamond. He picked it out himself without any hints from me. I would have said at least .50 if he had asked but I am not one to ask for things and I am worried he might be offended or hurt that I don't like the ring. I LOVE the ring so that is not the case. I was just hoping the diamond would be bigger, and now that this one looks smaller in the setting, I would really like to ask him if we can replace it with a diamond that looks more "right" in the setting, and hopefully the same quality. I realize it may cost another $1000 or so (I think he paid about 2500-3000) and basically it will be "our" money paying for it, we both have a pretty good income and not majorly in debt. Is there a way I can do this without coming across as whiny and materialistic? We are getting it sized tomorrow so it would be a good time to bring it up. We are only a few days into the 30-day return period. thank you.
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