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  1. Update: Did it with the ring in the box. It had some sentimental meaning, if you read my post on how I proposed, you'll see the meaning with the box. I kind of like the idea of using the box when I think about it.
  2. Ok, first off, thank you to all on here for your advice along the way to finding the right ring/diamond and such. I thought I'd post how I did the proposal, now that it is finally over. I have to start off by telling you some details of her engagement ring. We were at the mall here one day around Thanksgiving this past year and were killing time before our dinner reservations at the Cheesecake Factory. She noticed a jewelry store in the mall with "going out of business" sales and drug me in to look at rings. We had looked at rings before, and I had a good idea of what she wanted. Of course, they had a really nice ring, that is exactly what she wanted, and she fell in love with it. She had no idea, but I had just started actively looking at getting her a ring. She of course tried it on, and damn her for having a standard size 6 finger that the one right out of the freaking case fits her! So long story short, she kept complaining to me that this ring was exactly what she wants, and this one is a huge bargin because they were going out of business and blah blah, I can't believe you didn't buy it! I heard this for nearly 3 months! She even called my sister and mom to try talking me into buying the dumb ring. Little does she know, that I went back 1-2 days later and bought it. So I had this ring since Thanksgiving and she had NO idea. Of course, if you read my other threads on here you can get a sense of the pain I went through getting the main diamond for the ring. So the proposal....First, we had a 3 day ski weekend planned at a resort in NY state. In fact this ski resort was the place we took our first major vacation/trip together back in the first year or so we were dating. Back then, we had an awsome queen loft suite room that was slopeside. It was an awsome room with a fireplace, jacuzzi tube, loft, nice bed, pull out couch for guests, mini kitchen, spiral stair case to over look the living room, balcony facing the slopes and about 20 feet from a chair lift! Pretty awsome, if you're a skier. So of course, knowing I was going to propose, I reserved the same room. The day we arrived, check-in was 3pm, so I conveniently scheduled her for a spa day, at a spa at the resort from 3-5pm so I could smuggle the ring and all our stuff into the room and prepare. I had a wine/cheese tray delivered to our room as part of the resort's "couples package". When she came back, I asked her if she wanted to get a drink and get some dinner, but she had been watching the skiers all during her relaxing spa time and was eager to get on the slopes. So we first went out for a couple hours of skiing as soon as she got back. After we skiied a few hours, we came back in the intention of going to dinner and getting a couple drinks. While she was taking a quick shower, I opened up some of the wine and poured it into a pair of swarovski flutes. Now if you don't know, these glasses are really nice. They cost $400 a pair, and have crystals in the stems. Here's a link so you can see: http://www.swarovski.com/Web_US/en/255678/...(set_of_2).html Now she had been talking about these glasses since we first met. She used to always say that she wanted to do her "first toast" at her wedding with them and blah blah blah. So about this time, she got out of the shower and got dressed and noticed I was opening and pouring wine and asked "what are you doing?" I told her that I was getting us a drink so we could relax a minute and get ready to go to dinner. So she sits down on the couch, where I have my back toward her, because I was pouring the wine in the kitchen area. When I turned around to walk toward her, she noticed right away that the swarovski crystal glasses were in my hand and that I was giving one to her to drink from. She was kind of puzzled, and was in shock at the glasses. She obviously knew they didn't have these glasses in our room and that I brought them. So I told her that she always talked about wanting them for her wedding toast, and I just couldn't bare the thought of paying that much money to only use once, so I got them for her now, so we could at least use them twice. She still was puzzled and not realizing I was about to propose yet. She just kept looking at the glasses, and the authenticity enscription on the bottom. At that point, I sat next to her on the couch, and told her the mushy stuff about how the last time we came here was one of the best trips i've ever taken, and it was really special because she was there and everything was different from that point. I told her that this time I wanted to make the trip special to her, and I that was why I did the glasses....and (as I get down on one knee), I opened the ring box as I'm saying that I think this will make everything special for her trip. At that point is when I told her I loved her, and asked her to marry me. She did notice it was the same ring RIGHT AWAY! Of course she said yes, and has yet to be more than 2 feet from the ring! lol.
  3. Thanks Neil. Here are some pics. There were very hard to get them clear. I never realized diamond rings were so hard to get a picture of. I didn't bother taking a pic of the wedding band, as it looks just like the side stones, but half the circle around. I'll post the story of the whole engagement after it's done and over. It will be an interesting one
  4. To give you some idea of what it looks like, this Scott Kay ring looks very similar to the one I got. http://store.jrdunn.com/product-p/sk00m1149qd10ppjrd.htm
  5. The certificate of appraisal states "GIA certified gemologist" or "GIA certified diamondologist" or something similar, with the person's name that did it. The total cost was around $9,000 for engagement ring all together with the center stone. The wedding band was around $2,200, but I didn't get it appraised since it's not modified at all. I'll post pictures as soon as I can take some without her around, or after giving it to her next month.
  6. Got my appraisal done. From a certified diamondologist, certified by GIA at a local dealer, they said my ring/rock combo is worth $15,000. That's for a Scott Kay, platinum mounting, with 2 princess cut side diamonds (one on each side of the main), and 5 round channel diamonds on each side of that. The total caret weight is estimated to be 5/8 ct without the center stone. Then the center stone is 1.25 ct, F, VS1, VG symm, VG polish to top if off. Not too bad. Just have to weight until the "big day" now. Thanks to all for your input on this site! I picked up the matching wedding band, just to be safe that they do not quit making it before she needs it. It's got another set of channel diamonds going around to match the side stones on the engagement ring, totalling another ~7/8 ct. in platinum as well.
  7. Eh, see that's my problem. I've thought about it, and am not really affected by either one. I figure that by going out and getting a ring and doing the whole act of proposing is enough in its own, and should be what means anything. And I'm sure in most relationships that is true and thus the presentation of the ring would not really matter. Call it a minute detail. I'm just trying to make it as "special" of a moment as it can be for her, when it happens.
  8. Why did you interview billions of women asking them about the time they were proposed to? To me, i figure, some women would think one of two thoughts: 1. It's so much more personal, when the ring is in his hand...blah blah. --or-- 2. It's so much more formal and nicer when you get a ring box opened before you with a ring inside during the proposal, and seems lame or cheap if the guy just holds a ring up within his fingers and says "will you marry me..." ...blah blah. I guess bottom line, is when comes time to do the act myself, I don't want to sounds lame or cheap or depersonalized.
  9. Hey all, Simple question, mostly geared at the ladies... 1. Would you prefer when you are being proposed to, that he has the ring in the box, open facing you with the whole "down on one knee" formal "will you marry me" deal? --or-- 2. Do you think it's better, or more personal, to have the ring in the guys hand, as he is on one knee, doing the whole proposal? I guess option 3. would include the whole "gift" or hidden treasure idea, making her unwrap it or find it. Personally, I don't like this idea, and would probably only consider it if I was really young, as it seems kind of childish/teenager-like.
  10. Neil, Thanks for the info. I guess I was misinformed on the definition of the term ideal. I guess that is one of many reasons I am glad I did not buy a diamond from the infamous jared's. They seem to have a great selection, and treat customers like royalty (offering coffee, snacks, etc) but they seem to act like the know alot more than they truely do, and to a novice/average person (like me) they seem to be knowledgable until digging deeper than the surface. That is just my opinion of my experiences at jared of course.
  11. To answer the "ideal" question: I was told the term "ideal" is used by some graders, such as AGS (but not GIA) in regards to the proportions of the cut (% depth, %table) and it had to be a certain criteria to make "ideal" specs vs. premium or v.good, etc.
  12. got it back today. Looks great! I'll post a pic when I get a second without her around. Taxes suck! almost an extra thousand bucks to Uncle Sam
  13. the cut is ideal. I forget the exact percentages but it was something like 70%table and 69%depth or vice-versa
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