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    Diamond Shapes & Colors

    I am currently looking for an engagement ring and I am torn between the round, oval and cushion cut stones. Do any of these cuts appear bigger than the other? I was once told a one carat cushion will appear bigger than a one carat round and a one carat oval will appear bigger than a one carat cushion. Not sure if this is true or not. Also, regarding color, I was wondering if a J color stone with a medium fluoresence will face up white in a white gold setting.
  2. tataW

    Eternity Band

    I have a ring with 7 round diamonds (1.5 carats total) in it and I would like to turn it into an eternity band, or something similar. I once saw a setting that I liked, but I don't know what the type of setting is considered. No metal is visible around the diamonds. There are no prongs, it's not a channel setting, it's not pave. It literally looks like a string of diamonds around the finger. They also lay very flat against the finger. Any idea what this type of setting is called?
  3. tataW

    Cushion Cut

    Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it!
  4. tataW

    Cushion Cut

    Is it true that this cut makes the diamond appear larger than was it is? I like the look of a 2 carat diamond, but that may be out of the budget (assuming I keep the clarity and color low). Are there any tricks for making a diamond appear larger than what it is?
  5. tataW

    Mark Broumand

    I was just wondering if anyone has purchased jewelery from MarkBroumand.com. He has gorgeous rings, but I am kind of skeptical of purchasing diamonds online.