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  1. erothem

    Any Way To Tell If A Diamon Id Second Hand?

    Hi, There is no way to tell if a diamond is a second hand but still there is a way to check if it has small cheeps (gletz) arround it. Sometimes non-professional setters break the diamond on its crown-girdle border while putting too much pressure while setting.
  2. erothem

    Advice On This Rock

    The characteristics look fine. The question is how much you have to pay for it, what kind of gemological certificate does this stone have and what is the qualiy of the setting that you intend to set the stone in. Does the stome come alone? Do you get with a ring?
  3. erothem

    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    Sure, You can re-cut. You have enuogh room to re-cut from 3.50ct to 3.01ct.