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  1. A smaller stone is preferred as my girlfriend thinks the larger stones are too big for her hand. Which is why I decided to go with a smaller but well "equipped" diamond. Thanks for your opinions. They really helped.
  2. Is proposing on Friday the 13th bad? I want to propose to my girlfriend next month (I am currently in Japan and am coming back for a few weeks in March.) I want to do it early during my return and also want it to be Friday because I am making reservations at a nice hotel that I want to take her to that night in Chicago. So, what do you think?
  3. I am putting together a ring for my girlfriend of two years. She loves the asscher cut, so I think I want to go with this one: http://rockdiamond.com/index.php/jewelry/l...ond-amazing-cut What do you think? My main concerns were the shallow depth and the polish and symmetry rating of good. The setting will be custom, based on a royal asscher model. It will likely be platinum. WEIGHT: 0.53ct SHAPE: Asscher Cut COLOR: D CLARITY: IF MEASUREMENTS: 4.81 x 4.69 x 2.96 mm TOTAL DEPTH: 63.1% TABLE SIZE: 61% POLISH: G SYMMETRY: G FLUORESCENCE: NONE GIA REPORT #: 15539675 The site just says it has an amazing cut, but don't see a cut rating. What are your impressions from what you can see? Thanks for the advice!
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