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  1. Hey there, I agree with Jan. I am wondering if it has a GIA Diamond Grading Report. The GIA Diamond Grading Report is an unbiased, accurate, astute and scientific evaluation of diamonds based on the 4Cs. Just check out the website: www.gia4cs.gia.edu I made sure to obtain a GIA Diamond Grading Report for the diamond I bought my girlfriend. Being that GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is an independent and nonprofit organization, and that they are considered the ultimate authority on gemology by the jewelry industry and the US government, I couldn’t have felt more reassured about my decision. Again, make sure to get the GIA Diamond Grading Report BEFORE you purchase the diamond from your jeweler, as this is the only way to authenticate the quality of the 4Cs of your stone. Good luck, Rich
  2. Hi there, That is a beautiful ring! It seems like a worthwhile investment, but when buying a diamond, you MUST buy one that comes along with a GIA report. The GIA grading report is a complete, in depth, unbiased. It is a must when buying a precious gem. If it doesn't come with the diamond, you can send them the diamond and they will send it back along with a full report. GIA is a non-profit organization that created the famously used "4 C's" of a diamond! The government looks as them to be the ultimate authority when it comes to gems. I used it and the report gave me the understanding of the diamond I needed to make my decision. Good luck, Rich
  3. I have been doing extensive research on the diamonds because I am about to propose to my girlfriend. One of the best websites that has helped educate me on diamonds is www.gia.edu. It explains the 4 C's (cut, clarity, carat weight, and color), and is the most trusted organization for jewels.
  4. It's so difficult to trust jewelers! I have been shopping around for a diamond, and after dealing with a couple misleading jewelers I decided to take my research online. The first website I was lead to was the GIA website. Which helped educate me on diamonds and the 4 C's. I feel that GIA is a non-profit organization and they are trusted by the U.S. government. It can't hurt to have a GIA certified diamond. Sounds like a red flag
  5. Thanks for the advice, I would agree, too much bling is not my nor her style. However, the reason I want to get platinum is because it is 95%pure and the most rarest precious metals around. I'm still looking though. My parents have a platinum ring set and it has aged superbly well after 30 years of marriage- no scratches, the diamond is still very much secure, and the metal has still retained its white luster. I think I'll take their example.
  6. My girlfriend and I are in a serious committed relationship. I am thinking about proposing. I think she is expecting it as well. I have been shopping and reading reviews as to purchasing an engagement ring. I am leaning towards platinum... Any advice. I appreciate it.
  7. Hey bud, Congratulations on the engagement by the way! Nothing to be disappointed about, I understand it happens. Out of curiosity what kind of engagement ring did you give her? Was it Platinum or Gold? What kind of diamond? Hope everything goes well, don't worry much!
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