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  1. Be inventive! Try not to be cliche and find a spot that will be special to the two of you for the rest of your lives.
  2. I have been raised to be rather private with my personal feelings of affection, so when i decided to propose to my current fiance, I waited for a while until i had the "perfect place". By this i meant a place in which we weren't in danger of being disturbed during our special moment. Our place just happened to be at the end of a several hour hike, at the edge of a cliff with a vast panorama of trees and a river below us. I am a college student so getting engaged at such a "young" age without a pregnancy involved is a bit wierd. And this approach allowed me and my future wife to sit and hold hands after i asked her, then decide when to tell our family/friends. I personally don't like the restaurant approach because it is too cliche, so i would recommend finding a place that is mutually special to you and your loved one. My fiance appriciated the time i took to find "our place" it didn't make it seem like a spur of the moment decision, but one that i thought about first and will last our lifetimes.
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